update on getting evicted because of puppies!

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  1. Hi everyone! I think some of you may have read my post about getting evicted because of my puppies. I've spoken with my landlady and she's agreed to let us stay for an additional $750 security deposit and a new clause in the lease stating that if the tenant downstairs (it's a split level house) complains about barking, we have 30 days to move out.

    I guess that is better than moving out over the holidays. Is it legal to put a clause in about barking though? All dogs bark right? LOL!!!
  2. That's great news!! I'm glad you get to stay.
  3. Kiss up to your neighbours and make sure they don't complain :P
    Bring them cookies for Christmas or something :P
  4. Yes, it is legal to put in that clause. Essentially she is stating that if someone complains about excessive barking you can be asked to leave. Here is an idea I would suggest. Speak with the people downstairs and let them know that you are very invested in seeing to it that your dogs don't bark all the time. Ask that they call you first when they are bothered so that you can start to learn when and why your dogs are barking. This is not only good for the relationship with the neighbors but it is truly important that you understand what your dogs are doing when you are not there so you can intervene. While yes, all dogs bark, like at the USP guy and so on, you don't want them barking all day while you are gone as that is a symptom of a bigger problem.

    Good luck!
  5. i agree with irishgal.... barking can be a symptom of a bigger problem. my dog used to bark and howl during the day when we were at work (my neghbor told me this, but he did not mind). aparently my dog has separation anxiety. so yeah, you might want to know when and if your dogs bark.
  6. Mas-- congrats!! UR such a good dog mom:smile:

    Irishgal--great advice!!
  7. That is great news! I am glad it worked out.
  8. Great advice!