Update on City bags at NM SF

  1. I just got off the phone with Oma at NM SF. The only City bags they have left are in "Brown" and "Green". I tried to ask her if it was Truffle and Sapin/Forrest Green(asked her to see if there was a "W" on the inside metal tag), but I think I might have confused her. She did say they came in a new shipment so it's prob safe to say they are Sapin and Truffle. She also said, they *had* Black, but it's not there anymore and that they only got 1 fire egine red City before which went to the lovely Orchids!:heart: She said the waiting list for the Fire Engine Red City is very very very long and that in general, all the City bags are flying off the shelves. Looks like my plan to head to NM SF for a new City has been thwarted. lol.
  2. last time i was there they didn't seem to be flyin goff the shelves...i think they just like to say that to scare ppl
  3. That Oma always creates a hype
  4. Really??? Do you guys think there are actually more colors that she didn't tell me about? :wtf: She had to call me back so she could check their stock and she told me that was all that was left! :sad:

    Pinkpirate--when was the last time you went there? Were there more colors in the City bags when you went?
  5. I was actually at SF Neiman's on Saturday, and the only city they had was the truffle. They didn't have a very large selection...

    From what I can remember there was a blue work, a green work, the quilted, a green satin classique, a blue classique, a grey classique, and some sort of tan classique. A couple of hobos in those colors too.

    I wasn't too inspired, although the blue (blueberry?) was very pretty.

    There were DEFINITELY no reds (in any size) when I went.
  6. well, I had a weird experience with oma last year (I'm pretty certain it was her) where she had a black city behind the desk which she showed me then she took it back and said she couldn't show it to me then said she couldn't admit she had one..and I was like ..oh ok and left...then she put a twiggy on my neiman's charge card when I had not expressed any interest in it at all..then it took over a month and two phone calls to make her reverse the charge (the bag was at will call the whole time) then when she realized the charge was going to be reversed, she "magically" found a black city and was going to put that on my card instead.....I didn't allow that because I felt the whole thing was shady and not very ethical... I don't prefer to shop for bbags at the Niemans anymore...I like Susans better
  7. that sounds really really dodgy to me... maybe she needed the commission that month very badly? yikes
  8. dude...that is really sketchy. i agree, the folks at susan's are really nice (at least the ones in burlingame).
  9. yes..this was the 'short' version...I was pretty sketched out...it was obvious she just wanted the sale bad...I feel like the SAs are pretty competetive with each other there...Susan's in San Fran and Burlingame have nicer SA's and a better selection ...Iwonder what will happen to the Nieman's bbags now that Barneys is coming!!! Doesn't balenciaga stick to only one dept store per city?
  10. Whoah! That *was* shady! You know, she seemed nice and all on the phone, but she kept asking me why I didn't want brown or green. She kept pushing those colors. Then, when I said I really really really do not want those colors, she said that Black is the way I oughta go and that I should just get the black. *but*, just before that when I asked if they had black(I asked if they had any fall 06 black city bags after she said they had no Fire Engine red) she said they didn't have any available. So, I was totally confused and just politely ended the conversation.

    On another note, SF is getting a Barneys?!? :nuts:
  11. It' supposed to be in 2007 sometime ..I heard fall...hopefully sooner!
  12. that's what she did with me! She was very pushy about bags i didn't want...she was like "How about a twiggy? i looove the twiggy" to which I politely replied that I wanted a black city, that's it....she said i would have to wait a year for a city since the list for those who wanted one was soooooo long. it was stressful dealing with her because she was very persistant yet seemed confused herself....Then the next day i got a call from her on my messages "Congrats! your new balanciaga bag is HERE at will call!!" She did not mention what bag it was and I couldn't believe a black city was there already! When I called back I couldn't get in touch with her and the person I spoke to said there was a charge for a black twiggy on my card! I was like HUH??? I said that I never ordered that bag and to please reverse the charge...she said she would leave a message for Oma to do so...which Oma never did...then a month later I got the bill for the account with the charge still there...so I called back ( the poor twiggy has been at will call the whole time) and spoke to oma and said I didn't want a twiggy..so she was like...what did you want ..I said a city...she said ..."Oh, I MIGHT be able to find you one" (before she had insisted the list for black cities was full for a year...it would be IMPOSSIBLE to get one before a year)...I said that's ok...i don't want one , and I just want the twiggy charge reversed...she reluctantly did so...then she called back 5 min later saying she had *miraculously found a black city and should she put it on my card? I said *no thank you.

    Then I realized she was all about clumsily creating a hype and not to believe what she said about bbags. The strange thing was I came in a month later and went to the bbag section and another SA stared talking to me about the bags...then Oma came running out from god knows where in the store and starts talking to me about the bags in a feverish pitch (probably to indicate to the other SA that I was her customer!..which I really wasn't...or at least, I didn't want to be!)) and mentions that " I returned a twiggy"The whole experience was very surreal and weird...that's why I don't really like going in there...my bf was pretty amazed at Oma and the whole incident but neither of us said anything to her directly.

    But luckily the black city didn't work out because I got my beloved 03 black city with silver hardware!!
  13. :wtf: wow, this Oma girl seriously freaks me out. There must be some serious competition in that NM, what other reason is there for her crazy actions.:shrugs:
  14. wow thats ridiculous... i encountered a GREAT salesperson when i was actually RETURNING a bag at nm sf. her name is mia. i'd definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to do some oma-free shopping there. varsha, i hope you reported her to the manager! what she's doing just sounds WRONG