Update On BV Bags On Sale@Nordies

  1. Just FYI...

    I was just at the Corte Madera (Calif.) Nordstroms and they still have a few BV's on a clearance sale table. They have the Catena Veneta in white with Hazelnut accents, and 2 Marquise Venetas- one in white, the other in (Trifoglio) green. Don't remember the prices but everything is at least 30% off retail. They also have the cutest tote (don't know the name), but it's about $500- similar to the third picture I am posting:
    bottega_veneta_catena_handbag.jpg prodImage.ms.jpg 0434967512908_275x275.jpg
  2. I love the tote - and only $500 - 'sigh', i don't live in US so can't take advantage, buhu.