Update on Bloor Street Holt's for us Toronto Gals

  1. I went in today and it doesnt looked like they've moved too much inventory but there are a couple of new pieces someone might be interested in. This is not nearly all their inventory but a couple of pieces that stood out:

    Weekenders: A stunning Giant Anthra Weekender!!! It was TDF! and had more blue undertones than green. I didnt check the price, I should have but forgot.
    They had a few more, Grenat, Black, Greige, Emerald, all veiny except the greige.

    Citys: A stunning Vert Gazon, its the first time I've seen it in real life, wow! what a colour. Also had Sandstone (amazing leather!), Bleu Glacier, Sapin and some brown ones I dont know. VG and Sapin were $1565 Cnd, BG and SS were $1465 Cnd. They said they price them according to style AND colour! So who the heck decides which ones are the expensive colours!?

    First: White, linen with french blue trim

    Twiggy: My mystery blue that I returned and Anthra

    Day: Natural

    Flat Messenger: Sandstone and Black

    Giant Hobo: None have sold, they still have white, truffle and anthracite

    GH Clutch!!!!:They had 2 of them, Sandstone and Black, both amazing leather, both to die for and waaaay bigger than I pictured. $765 cnd. I think thats a pretty good price, no?

    They also had part times and giant part times, all some brown colour, maybe Truffle? Im not good with the browns. They had waaaay too many whistle bags and seem to keep getting more even though they're not selling:push:

    Lastly they had a brown work (again, I think truffle) on sale for $1195 Cnd! Pretty good if brown is your colour

    Hope this helps!;)
  2. Thanks for the update SpecialK!
    Did you notice any bags in Aqua??

    It's been a couple of weeks since I have been to the bloor location....trying to hold out for my NYC trip in 3 weeks....
  3. diabro also does if I interpreted the prices correctly... what a silly thing to do IMO :shrugs:
  4. thanks for the update! i've been to the bloor st holt's quite freuquently lately, and that "Work" on sale is always there! on Saturday they had a few twiggy styles if i remember correctly (or were they box? yikes! losing my mind!) but the leather on those were all dried looking. Oh well!
  5. Does anyone know if they have any Aquas at the bloor st location? thanks...
  6. how much is the giant weekender in toronto?
    I am from ttoronto and will be visiting my home next month....

    i called in like a couple weeks back to ask how much their weekenders are, and it's CAD 1995, so that's really expensive....and not to forget the 14% tax on top of that...waaaay over priced.

    does anyone know how much they are selling the giant weekender for? thx.
  7. in the US they are selling it for $1995 US...so wouldn't it be higher for Canada?
  8. It should be higher for sure. Our prices are about $400 higher.

    I'll call today to check
  9. does holt's carry bal wallets as well? i haven't got a chance to visit there again.
  10. Yes they do. Usually a small selection of money wallets and mini compagnons. I did not see what they had

    And for those who asked about Aqua, no Holts never got the Aqua in. I mean sheesh, why would they ever want to get in a POPULAR colour :rolleyes:
  11. Shooooot, I was in such a hurry today, I never made pass the cosmetics counter. SO want to see the GH Clutch....................actually so WANT A GH CLUTCH!