**Update** My Tattoo Questions and what you all think about them!

  1. Hi All~
    I recently posted (and got a good response) about what my fellow tpfers thought about tattoos. There were a ton of diverse responses and they were all great!

    Just as an update though, I have decided not to go through with getting the tattoo. If you remember, the tattoo was supposed to memorialize my grandmother who I lost two years ago. She was my best friend and I have just begun the healing process. I talked to my grandfather about what she really thought about tattoos and he said that it was one of her biggest fears that I would grow up and get some. My uncle (one of her sons) has a lot and they are really big and not very well done and she never liked them. Also, I was always her baby, I was the only grandchild for 14 years...

    I decided for myself that I just didn't want to dissapoint her or anything. She was the best and she just didn't want me to ever make a mistake that he did...even though it would be for her, I just do not want to do that to her.

    Thank you all again for your words of encouragement. My boyfriend said that he would draw it on for me if I really wanted one!! HeHe...we will probably have an art project sometime soon and I will let ya see pics...haha that would be funny!

  2. ahh Princess, I personally am glad to hear it ;), but I also thought it was beautiful that you wanted to remember your Grandmother.

    My nan has been gone almost a year now, and I miss her so much and think of her all the time. Its lovely that you wanted to remember her, but she sounds like she was such a great lady, that you will never forget her anyhow :smile:
  3. Yes she was, the best lady ever. Even if I did decide to get one I know she would have understood but to know that it would have hurt her isn't worth it to me.

    Plus I was really scared of the pain!!
  4. Princess, I think that's a great decision.

    My grandmother's been gone a year now and I still miss her so much. She left me her engagement ring, and my grandfather left me his wedding ring. I wear them everyday in remembrance. While these things are only material, having them close to me makes me feel like I'm close to them.
  5. Sorry I didn't read your other thread but wanted to offer some other suggestions for you to remember your nan maybe plant a tree or is there a nature park or botanical gardens that you can maybe dedicate something to her in like a bench (just an example)
  6. Im doing something similar for my grandfather who passed away two yrs ago this upcoming spring. HE meant a lot to me and I loved him dearly...and i feel like he is my guiding star..so I am getting a star tattoo over my right shoulder to remind me that he always 'has my back" and is watching over me. I think you should do whatever feels right for YOU. :yes:

  7. I was just wondering if you might have some of her jewelry you could wear to always have her with you. My mom wears my grandmother's wedding ring on a gold chain around her neck.
  8. Oh yes I have tons of jewelry from her. She was a shop-a-holic (that is where I learned it from!) and she has more jewelry than you could imagine. I have a lot of it but it hurts to wear a lot of it still. She also loved perfume and I have the one she wore all the time. Sometimes I pull it out of a special place I keep it and smell it and it reminds me of her a lot. She also LOVED elephants and I have most of her collection and I am continuing to collect them just like she did.

    thanks for the suggestions guys! My parents have a rose bush in their yard they planted for her, we put a butterfly wind chim right next to it and it chimes all the time.
  9. Awww this is all so touching to read. I'm glad you thought it through. I'm sure she'd be so proud to hear you talk about her this way. :yes:
  10. Thanks! I know she would be...

  11. Awww, well said. My grandma is my hero, too, and I know yours would be so happy to see you now. (And she is! She is always with you, watching you and loving you) :heart: