Update:I am torn: Have the Red Ergo Patchwork, but eyeing the Hampton

  1. On the last day of the PCE, I brought my older sister(who got me hooked on Coach) into the store and showed her the Hampton Satchel. She just bought the smaller version and really, really like the bigger space! She exchanged her bag and was a happy camper!:wlae:


    After a few hours I made up my mind to exchange my Ergo Suede Patchwork

    for the Hampton(1st pic). Sure enough they sold out. :hysteric: The store is a new location and only the bigger boutiques got this bag, so my location got the bag, by accident and the only one they got, my sister bought LOL. The SA that I normally work with (and sold the bag to my sister) had left for the day, but her co-workers even called her cell phone to make sure they were not overlooking the bag in the bag (talk about going above and beyond the call of duty!)

    I'm not sure if that's a sign that I should keep the Patchwork, but I ended up buying the black Chelsea Satchel with the turnlock flap from the store
    & found the matching wristlet

    (probably the last wristlet in this part of IL) at Macy's...SOOO cute

    So I still have the Suede Patchwork, as I really need a Red bag, but the quest continues. It looks like all the stores in IL and IN are sold out, and I can't order it from the website, but I am thinking about calling the Coach Store in St. Louis and placing a phone order. I figured it would make more sense if I tried the states next door before expanding my search further

    Thanks to all that participated in my poll! Over 60% voted for the Hampton and about 40% voted for the Patchwork :tup:

    Of course the day that I picked up my Chelsea bag (the store was out and I had the order shipped to the store), the new October releases and now that I have two black bags, this bag is really growing on me

    Of course the matching wallet, Ipod case and makeup case is TDF!! And my SA said that another version of this bag is coming in November where the Signature print will be in the gunmetal color and the bag will have a 1/2 zip (I prefer bags that either zip close or have the flap or else things will constantly be falling out my bag). I am certain that that will be a must have next month LOL
  2. I really loved that patchwork when I saw it. It looks like the hampton is still available online. Are you looking for the small or the larger one?
  3. wow you made out great!!
  4. Sorry, I didn't clarify, the one I'm looking for, but looks like it's sold out online is the larger Hampton with the red embossed leather $498. I think they still have the smaller one that was $428(?)

    I do need to get an outfit ready to debut my Chelsea Turnlock though...it was a splurge for sure, but it's such an adorable bag!:girlsigh:
  5. I personally love the Chelsea Satchel in black. I think it is edgy...
  6. I love the chelsea satchel in black also.
  7. And JAX is out of them, too? That's a bummer...I LOVED the embossed leather!! Although I also like the red suede bag...I would just be afraid of ruining it!