Update and a question!

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  1. So for those of you who read my posting yesterday about the name plate on my Eva coming off (i'm still boggled), I went to LV today and they gave me a new one hooray!!

    Anyway I have a question. Does anyone out there own a pearle vernis pochette wallet? If so, does it get dirty fast? Does the stitching get dirty?? How do you like it?

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. Congrats! Glad they replaced the Eva for you!
  3. Glad to hear it!

    I have a beige-ish Vernis Houston and it's very easy to keep clean. I say go for the wallet.
  4. Glad your story had a happy ending...hope your 2nd Eva is perfect!!
  5. yay!!! I am glad you got a new Eva
  6. Louis vuitton got yo back! :smile: glad it all worked out well.
    even though their products have been found more "defective" if you will, their customer service and satisfaction is really high.

    i wish i can answer your question but i have not a clue.
  7. glad it wokr out for ya:tup:
  8. I'm so glad they replaced your Eva. That's just unacceptable that the plate started coming off in 3 weeks. I hope this will will last you forever.
  9. glad that they accepted it as a defective item and replaced it for you :smile:
  10. Glad you got a new Eva!!!
  11. Yay I knew it!
  12. So glad to hear that! I'm glad their customer service came through for you.
  13. Glad all worked out for you for Eva :smile:
  14. fingers crossed for your second Eva!
  15. Glad you got a new Eva!

    I only have a cles in Perle, and the only thing that was getting dirty was the cloth part of the zipper, but then I was using it as a keyholder. I no longer use it as that.