unwanted bidder!but bid anyway!!!

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  1. Hi all,
    i just list a few items on ebay since im going to move,
    however, i dont want to have any international buyer, since i have to go through hassle sending the item and all that

    i forgot to block international buyer in my auctions, but i DO MENTION that "no international buyer" in capital and bold!
    then i get this one bidder from denmark, and he also has 0 feedback!

    what should i do now?
    should i just contact him and say that i dont ship internationally and cancel the bid?
    and how to cancel his bid anyway?

    thanks a lot!
    i just hate it when buyer doesnt read the description!
  2. You can still edit your listing to block bidders from countries you don't ship to.

    You can also block that particular bidder.
  3. If you are absolutely sure then remove their bid and block them then change your buyer prefs to block from anywhere other than the US
  4. I would just email them and say that "as the auction states" you do not accept any International Bidders and say that you will have to cancel their bid.

    You can do this by going into the bidders list and cancelling the bid.

    I've had this before too but mine waited until the last few seconds. I had to explain then and do a second chance to the second bidder. Its such a pain.
  5. I had the same experience. An international bidder with zero rating did a BIN to my $900 bag. I told them I don't ship overseas and this transaction is not valid. I would rather loosing my listing fee instead of getting a big headache.