Unsure about a recent bag purchase (Sasha Duffel)

  1. I have lusted after the Botkier Sasha Duffel for a while now. Maybe 6 months, if not longer. I finally purchased one that was on sale, plus I was able to use a discount code to bring the price down to just slightly under $500.

    However, I am undecided if I should keep it or not. I am definitely going to sell my Balenciaga Day bag in Cinnamon (the Duffel is chocolate).

    I received the bag on Saturday but had family visiting until today, so I was not able to check it out until today. The leather is very nice, it looks good on my shoulders (unfortunately I don't have a camera to take pics at the moment)...But I just don't know.

    Any advice? Thanks!
  2. Why are you unsure? Is it different than you expected?
  3. What arent you liking about it? The size? The way it fits?
    Ive been wanting one of these in the small size but something keeps me from ordering it lol
    If you don't love it, Id return it. $500 is a lot of money and you could find something you love.
  4. It's still a lot of money if you're not sure. i say keep trying it on at home for a few days but if you don't love it return it.
  5. I think it's b/c I feel guilty for spending so much on a bag. When I first discovered this site, I spent quite a bit of cash buying bags but for the most part, was able to sell or return most of them. A few were well over the $500 mark as well. I have lost some funds as well during this selling process.....
  6. Are you able to return the Sasha if you have had it for 6 months? Do you have the larger Sasha or smaller one?
    I had the small black sasha but I sold it because it was a bit casual for me.
  7. If you're not 100% sure you should return it. You're not going to enjoy using it if you feel guilty about the purchase.
  8. Halzer, I received the bag on Saturday but have been thinking about it for at least 6 months. I have the larger one.

    Sigh.... I think I will return it. :sad:
  9. if you feel like its too much to spend on one bag, return it. It should make you happy to carry it, not make you feel guilty (I have been there so I feel for you!). Keep looking around for a better deal on that bag or something else.
  10. Thanks Sukey. I've been trying to find better deals for the past 6 months and I thought this one was a good deal. I keep on going back and forth. I may keep it after all, especially since I am selling my Balenciaga.

    What is holding me back is, say in another few months, I tire of this bag. What then? I'm finding it so hard to sell bags, even ones that are all the "rage" here and yet I cannot find buyers on the MP. I'm probably going to have to send my Day to annsfabulousfinds and they take a chunk of the profit.
  11. I am lusting after one in the 'jean' color but haven't found one!
  12. JudieH.....
    We've all been there....not quite sure if we should keep a bag or not and maybe a remedy to help you in the future is to sell some of your bags first - and then make a purchase of a new bag. This may help alleviate your guilt at spending the money. OR maybe change your philosophy and purchase bags at a price point where if you tire of them, you won't feel pressure to sell them to recoup your cost.

    And I agree w/everyone else....IF you're not sure.....than return it. $500.00 is still a lot of money for a purse, IMO, esp. if you don't get good use out of her!

    On a related note....I was out of town for about 10 days and had no access to a computer - which meant NO TPF viewing. I was in withdrawl (okay, an overstatement) missing all of the "purse action" and when I got home, unpacked, and then put stuff away in my closet - all my purses were just sitting there - staring at me. I've come to the conclusion that I have too many purses. I have too many choices. My grand total is 14 (not including evening/special occasion purses or my vintage ones) and that's enough.....MORE than enough.

    So, FWIW....find several GREAT purses that you love/adore/will use without guilt/remorse and somehow......slow down on the buying. Does any of this make sense to others????
  13. Thanks dcblam! I also took some time away from this forum. I'm not exactly sure how I got sucked back in though :confused1:

    The good news is that I have NOT been buying many bags AND I have been able to sell a couple or give them away. My last bag purchase was a couple of months ago. It made me so happy b/c I saw the bag online and knew I was going to love it. And I did! The best news of all was that I did not refer to this forum at all during the process. Again, I LOVE this forum but I was getting too dependent and easily influenced on what others had to say about certain bags.
  14. I'm feelin' it too - babe! Good luck w/your decision....AND remember, just like your tag line reads.....everything works out in the end! (it gives me warm fuzzies everytime I read it - and you've kept it there for almost a year????? have you ever changed it????)
    OMG JudieH....I just noticed that we joined at the same time last year, what a hoot!
  15. dcblam wow, we did join at the same time. Hello friend!!! LOL!!!

    I have not changed that tag line in a while. I live my life believing those words. I want to add "for the best" because I do believe everything happens for a reason and it's always in our best interests, even though it may not seem that way at the time.

    I know I am so lucky to be stressing over such a minor decision! I am truly grateful for that fact!!!