Unlucky Day

  1. I thought it would be my lucky day because my SA told me that my Pomme Cosmetic Case was available for pickup. So I go to pick it up and so because I was rushed to get home I didn't really inspect the item and just gave the SA my okay. I get home and I end up tripping on the sidewalk curb and I go diving onto the cement floor (like how someone would bellyflop into a swimming pool.) Now, I can barely walk and the strength from my right hand is gone. What is upsetting is that my profession requires me to use my hands and so I don't even know what I'll do tomorrow. Even worse, I open the LV bag to take a look at my cosmetic case and turns out that the backside leather is all bunched up next to the seam on the left side and the leather is raised unevenly on the right.

    What should I do?? I was on the waiting list for this item LONG before it was in the LV system in the US. The SA says that her store is out and tons of people are still on the waiting list. I was planning to use it as a clutch on V-day to use for going out to dinner the night of, since I have the perfect killer heels to match. If I return it, I am most likely not going to get one anytime soon. I am really disappointed right now.

    Would you keep a defective pomme cosmetic case?!?!?! I'm sorry I can't provide any pictures right now as I am in pain.
  2. Oh gosh, hope you feel better soon. :flowers: Can you post pics of the cosmetic case where it's defective? If you cannot live with the flaw, IMO just return it.
  3. IMO...return it. I know you've been on th waiting list for a long time but honestly, if your happy not with it then dont keep it.
  4. :sad: I'm sorry you had a bad day!!!
    I would love to see some pics~ But if you don't love it COMPLETELY! then you should definitely return it...
    it's definitely going to hurt though
  5. I hope you will feel better soon :flowers:

    If you aren't happy with the purchase then return it. Perhaps your SA or Customer Service can locate another one for you.

    Good luck! :smile:
  6. I hope you get better soon. :flowers:

    I totally agree with everyobe else. I'd return it. Even though it's rare, I still know the flaws are there. And I know, that's gonna bother me every time I use it. :hysteric:

    Ask your SA to find another one for you. I think, s/he would be able to help you.

    Good Luck finding one. :balloon:
  7. Thanks everyone for the well wishes!
  8. Oh i am so sorry this happened to you.
  9. so sorry abt yr incident...:heart: i would return it since its defective...can u post pics? :tup:
  10. Get well soon! :flowers:
    As for the cosmetic case, I say return it if you don't love it because it's defective.
  11. So sorry for what happenned, hope your hand feel better soon. Call the 866 number and see if they can track one down for you. Good luck
  12. Oh no! You poor thing. I hope you feel better soon and didn't badly injure yourself. I would be really irritated about the cosmetics case as well. The same kind of thing happened to me yesterday with the Mahina, then I threw my neck out! I would probably take it back, they may be able to locate another one for you.
  13. I would return it. You will never be able to carry the bag without thinking about the imperfections that you know are there - even if they are barely noticable to anyone else.
  14. I'd return it. I'm probably going to return my gold heart because it has a noticeable scratch on the front. It's going to kill me, but I'm going to try and get another one somewhere!
  15. So sorry you had a rotten day. I think I would return the bag.