Unlined leather bags - who makes them apart from Mulberry?

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  1. I'm shopping for a 'career' bag. I've just had a right good clear out and got rid of a load of stuff, and the reason most of my work bags went is because the linings were ripped. I tend to carry huge totes so I can fit folders in them, and unfortunately this can wreck the lining on most handbags. So I'm thinking that I ought to get a Mulberry Bayswater or Elgin for work - they're unlined and would probably last me a bit longer.

    Are there any other manufacturers who don't line their bags? Either that or can anyone think of any bags that are huge with indestructable linings :idea:
  2. I have a Dooney Alto that's unlined.
  3. vintage coach
  4. Thanks for the suggestions, but I think those would be difficult for me to get hold of in the UK and I've got nowhere to see them. I'm having a look on ebay for them - I like the look of some of the Dooney Altos but can't find a seller that will ship to the UK. :sad:
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