Unique color rectangular mini (gold metallic, red, burgundy) as 1st Chanel bag?

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  1. Bag newbie seeking help! Thinking of investing in my 1st Chanel bag. I really like the classic black and gold (especially caviar since I'm quite clumsy for lambskin). But it's so hard to find caviar w/ gold hardware. The classic black w/ gold might also be TOO classic and "formal" for my everyday wardrobe. I feel like the black one will be perfect for an evening party with champagne, but I won't be going to "formal" events until years from now. So I looked into some bags that I can wear now for EVERY occasion but still can be dressed up.

    Are these rectangular minis w/ "unique" styles worth investing in (in terms of resell value)?
    1. Gold metallic

    2. True red caviar with silver hardware. (I would love to have a red with gold hardware but do they exist??)
    3. Burgundy with silver hardware


    Thank you so much!!
  2. The red and burgundy are nice. I personally think if you’re concerned about investing you should just get the classic black. Maybe consider black with silver hardware which may help dress it down a little.

    I like the metallic gold, but if you’re planning on wearing it a lot, I would stay away from metallics as from what I have seen they don’t wear well over time (which would also affect resale).
  3. I don't find the metallic gold versatile; others may disagree. The burgundy and even the red would offer more versatility. That said, I think classic black is the best choice for a first Chanel...unless you find a color that is usable in as many different situations as black would be. You may have to be patient until you find the black bag you want. Only you would know!
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  4. Black isn’t only for formal looks .. if I was considering my first Chanel bag, black is what I would reach for first. Black, then beige or red :smile:
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  5. Thank you! Pattern wise, is the chevron (instead of quilt) pattern timeless? I saw black with gold hardware caviar but in chevron pattern like this:
    Somehow the chevron pattern is more expensive than quilt, why?
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    What do you think about black chevron pattern (is it timeless too)? Do you like the red w/ silver hardware that I attached a picture of? I've only seen red with silver hardware so far. A deep red with gold hardware would be gorgeous, but does this exist?
  7. The beige one looks SO pretty. But I was afraid of color transfer. So I thought of a metallic light color one. But like what @brae said, the metallic one seems to not stand wear either. :sad:
  8. Sorry for replying twice haha forgot to ask about wear of metallics vs. beige color. How is the wear of metallics compared to beige ones?