Unique bag or classic bag?

  1. Ok ladies. I am pretty sure I will be getting a chance to get the new Mirror Finish Louis Vuitton coming out soon. So I wanted to post this hear other than the LV section so hopefully I would get more unbiased oppinions:P .
    I am just confused at this point. I am not sure if I should get the mirror bag because it is unique, rare and maybe become a collectible one day. It will also be a fun bag to carry. Or should I venture out and get another brand i do not have (only have several LV stuff, Samantha Thavasa, and D&B) and in a classic look, such as leather. A quality bag that would go with everything. :shrugs: As of right now I have been carrying my LV black suhali La Talentueux.

    Thanks for any opinions.:flowers:
  2. if you really like it, go for it.... althought IMO it is more trendy than classic
  3. Will I be flogged for saying I am tired of LV?
    Everyone is entitled to her own taste, but after reading the "top 10" poll my theory was kind of reinforced... so many people want the same bags as everyone else. I guess you can't really go wrong with LV, but I'm all about something different.
    IMO, a quality bag will still be around when you're an old woman, and can be passed on to your daughters and nieces. QUALITY is always collectible. I have a hand beaded evening bag, worn by my grandmother, that would work just as well today.
    Having said all that, if it makes you tingle, that's the bag you need to buy. If LV did it for me, I'd buy it too.
  4. I'm getting a bit tired of LV, mainly because the new lines have been really unattractive to me - the Mirror line included! I think the shine to it is a bit gaudy IMHO, so it's really not my style. Who knows, it may have collecting value later (like the graffiti line, which I also hated), but I don't personally buy bags to collect, I buy them to use.

    As the PP said, if you like it and it gives you that feeling when you see it, go for it - what we think doesn't matter if you like it!
  5. Thanks ladies. I am sorry i havent gotten back to this sooner. I had a crazy Halloween weekend.
    I guess I am going to think about it and then maybe if i decide against it post a thread and get opinions on what good quality (yet fashionable) bag to get. I guess i will just have to see it and then see if it make me "tingle" when i see it in person.:shrugs: :P

  6. I agree it is more trendy than classic, but it is limited, so if you like it, go for it ;)
  7. It's trendy but I think metallics are so much better as evening bags than non-metallics. Because of this and the simple monogram style, they are more classic than the average trendy bag.