Unexpected clearance find reveal!

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  1. I haven't had the chance to reveal my latest outlet find. I couldn't believe she was sitting there waiting for me!

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  2. Great find, that's an awesome tote....is it blue or black ( can't quite tell on my ipad).
  3. Oh you are right that is an unexpected find, must have been a return as those Totes have not been around in a while
  4. It is the navy patent. Sorry all for the picture being sideways. I got it for 67.00. Thought that was a great price. It was the only one in the store and as soon as I grabbed it, a lady swarmed me to ask if I was buying it ;)
    I held on tight ;)

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  5. Great find, congrats!!
  6. That bag is too cute, what great timing you had to find it!
  7. Thanks all :smile:. I'm pretty excited. I also bought the cute scarf to go with it. Thought it added a little pop of color for this long winter.
  8. Wow, such a lucky find! Congrats on you Audrey tote!
  9. Wow, lucky you! I love this style. That's a fantastic price! I spent more than that on a used one on ebay.
  10. For $67 I would have grabbed it too! Great find and deal.
  11. Awesome find! Congrats!
  12. What an amazing find!! Beautiful bag.
  13. Love the Audreys...what a great find!!

  14. Great find and wonderful bag!
    We are twins on this Audrey tote.
  15. Wow Great find!! Congrats!
    I love Audrey.