Undecided! :( - Washed Caviar Or Normal Caviar!! Plz Help..

  1. ok FINALLY i think ima go for the pst instead of medallion now my indecision is!!! : wut type of leather:wtf: ?? >> the new washed n so delicate soft caviar or the original caviar that we all know its more durable << sooo ... my real questions are : 1. whats the real difference? :s 2. which one would u girls out here in the chanel world prefer? plz help me figure out my doubts! :shrugs::shrugs:
  2. I just bought a new GST in black leather and I like the matted look better then the shiny leather of the older style. Also the leather bands on the top of the bag are softer so they mold better to your shoulder and stay on better. Now with all that said I dont know how the softer bag will do in time. It's too soon to tell. Good luck...
  3. sorry, not to be OT but are both the washed and original caviar still available for the GST? it's been awhile since i visited my local chanel...

    and i think i still prefer the original :smile:
  4. What colors does the washed caviar come it?
    I went to Neimans yesterday hoping to look at the new washed caviar and they didn't have it.
    I really want to see it in person.
  5. I saw the GST in white yesterday in the washed caviar. It was at Saks.
  6. Washed caviar GST's will come in black & white for sure. Washed caviar PST's will come in white, black, orange, pink, and red. Not sure if the GST will also come in those other colors too.

    I love the washed caviar. It's hate or love with TPF'ers. The bag just fits so comfortably to me. You can still find the "old" caviar leftover from previous seasons (old as in the OLDER caviar that was shinier and the "newer" old caviar that was matte---before the washed). From what I gather, it's pretty hard to find an old GST with silver hardware.
  7. :nuts::nuts:

    I would love to get a GST in those colors!
  8. I just saw the washed caviar GST in real life yesterday, and it's so soft and the leather is matte. In my opinion, it gives you a young and hip look.
  9. I love the soft feel of the washed leather on my new GSt. The sales assoc promised me even though it is softer it will not scratch....so i'm counting on that.
  10. I called my local Chanel boutiques for the GST in Black Caviar (not the washed one) and they said it is a normal item. The washed caviar is a seasonal item. Unfortunately, neither of these were available in silver hardware =(. Still waiting for mines.
  11. well we have to wait and see if its as durable as supposedly the old caviar was.. so im still undecided :confused1:... ive seen the pst old caviar w/silver hardware bfore the new one came n i can still get it but the washed juz put my doubts on.. so i dont kno.. :crybaby:
  12. I just got a bag in the washed caviar, and I love it! it's soooo soft and it feels so soft beneath your arm...nice and squishy lol!
  13. Our SA at Saks confirmed that the GST will not be made in the "old" shiny caviar anymore....only matte caviar going forward, so if you like the old caviar, better scoop one up soon!
  14. anyone know if the GST will come in the red in the washed caviar?
  15. I still love the original caviar which i had one in GST with silver h/w as i prefer more durable leather.