1. Ladies i am new to the forum and am uncertain about purchasing from eBay.Do any of you ladies
    purchase off eBay?:shrugs:
  2. HI!
    Welcome to the PF! I do 90% of my Coach purchases from eBay. If you find something you like but are unsure of just post it in our authentication thread. Or you can pm me directly and I'll let you know if its a good one or not so good.:tup:
  3. ty kimmie i appreciate it i swore i would never purchase off ebay but,i have seen a ton of bags that i am drooling over lol just being cautious i guess.:wondering:wondering
  4. I have purchased on ebay so many times.. I think you should be fine if you have it authenticated and always pay with paypal or something that gives the buyer some protection.. I try to stay away from sending money orders at all costs!

    Happy Shopping!!
  5. I've purchased on ebay quite often (I just got 2 bags off of ebay!) and have always had good experiences. Utilize all the experience here and you should be fine! It's also good to know what to look for! There's lots of information here so enjoy!
  6. Welcome, Xrayyou!

    Ebay rocks, I buy and sell there all the time. Ebay is often the best or only way to find rare and/or discontinued items. As Ranskimmie suggested, if you are uncertain about authenticity, you can post your items here and let the resident Coach experts share their opinions with you.

    If you use reasonable caution and good common sense, Ebay can be a lot of fun:tup:.
  7. I've had great luck with ebay and have gotten some decent deals. If you don't know what to look for, def go to the authenticate section of the forum, its full of good advice and information.