Unauthorized third party bidding on my bag

  1. Just recently, I started selling on eBay again to make room in my closet after buying tooooo many bags!! Wouldn't you know that already I have someone bidding who apparently stole someone elses Id!! Now I am going to be suspicious of everyone who bids. Here is part of the eBay message to me.....

    This email is to inform you that any recent bids placed by bugeater73 may have been by an unauthorized third party. We are now in the process of restoring the account to its true owner.

    If this is the case, then why is bugeater73 still showing up on my auction as the highest bidder? Does it take time for eBay to remove their bid? This makes me want to just remove all the bags I have listed and forget about selling them. I don't want to deal with the hastle and the chance of getting ripped off. Any advice?
  2. can you cancel their bid out?
  3. I just did! Being relatively new at selling on Ebay, I panicked. What is strange is that for an hour before, I had been reading outloud to my husband many of the Ebay horror stories on tPF. As he was walking out the door for work, I logged onto Ebay and saw the message. Yikes!! Not me too!!!!!!!!!! I figured out how to cancel the bid, but for the other 6 people that are watching this bag, I am wondering about their legitimacy as well.