Unable to put your bag down because of its scent?

  1. Disclaimer: I realize that I sound like a complete fruitcake.

    Do some of your Bal bags smell better than others? My Violet Day has the most wonderful rich, leathery smell. I can even smell it when it's on the other side of the couch. My City, on the other hand, has almost no smell. What accounts for the difference?
  2. funny you say your black city has no smell, because neither does mine, but all my other bbags have "the smell".
  3. my 08 black has the strong leather smell though
  4. YES!! I love the smell of leather!!, Sometimes when I am bored with nothing to do at home, I take out some of them and just carress and smell them!:tender:I noticed that the ones I have treated with Apple brand leather care, the smell of the solution goes away after a while, however the ones treated with LMB, the scent is stronger, and does not go away!
  5. Add me to the list of fruitcakes! I love the smell of Bal leather! That's the main reason I don't use LMB products on my bags. The smell of LMB products is so strong, and it takes forever to go away! I bought my 05 BG Pink CP secondhand and the previous owner had used LMB on it. I aired it out for a couple of weeks, and then I put it in a dustbag with two other CP's on either side of it, and now after having it for 4 months it is finally starting to smell like Bal leather again. All of my other bags and accessories have the wonderful smell! I love to have whatever bag I am using near me, so I can smell the leather, and play with the tassels. I like to pet the tassels cuz they are so nice and smooth. Does anyone else play with their tassels?
  6. Hi Deana! I love to smell my BBags. It's such a wonderful smell! I guess we are weird ,bag ,smelling ladies! HaHa!
    Seriously, I think that's the best part about nice leather bags is the feel and the smell....
  7. The Magenta GSH City I just had and sold had THE SMELL- super sweet smell

    Why do I think this?? The only PT I've ever owned- an Aqua GGH had a super sweet smell to it!
  8. I don't think you sound like a fruitcake at all - but maybe that's because I'm also fruitcake who loves, loves, loves the smell of Bal leather :nuts:!! I have noticed a slight difference in the intensity of the smell also and, without going upstairs right now to smell them all and confirm :p, it seems like the bags that are drier tend to have have a less pronounced smell and the bags that are thicker and softer tend to have a stronger smell. Also, I totally agree about the LMB - I try to use Apple products over LMB whenever possible!
  9. i play with the tassels too... esp my vert, the tassels are realllllllllly silky
  10. my name is Mercer and I'm a bal bag huffer.

    ahahaha! It is an intoxicating smell, isn't it?
  11. i'm a huffer too...

    I've noticed that each one has a different smell! And My Violet First smells the best!
  12. ^---- "bBag huffer" I love that term!!!... I'm a bBag stroker + huffer... Guilty as charged! :choochoo:
  13. the bag i treated with this untested product smells really nice. the others, whether thin or thick, do smell leather-ish (never treated) but not as nice as the treated one.


  14. Me Me Me!! Got mine yesterday and if I'm at home, my nose is constantly in my bag. Love it!
  15. I love the smell of Bal leather! It is seriously addicting! I can just sit there and smell it for like 5 minutes. I was trying to explain this to my coworkers one day but they didn't understand and probably thought I was a bit nuts.