Umm....Just Look (Steve-O)

  1. [​IMG]
    :wtf: When are the "Jackass" boys going to grow up?? I was speechless when I first saw this photo. Instead of having his hands in cement he's doing his well you know LOL:wtf: The guy behind him (w/ the hat) looks like he's thinking he'll do anything for money.
  2. :noggin:
  3. LOL!! nice. Where will his ... be on display?
  4. OMG :wtf:
  5. *sigh* I think Jackass is wearing kinda thin. I really think that large slab on concrete is a bit of overkill.

    Looks like Wee-Man's enjoying himself though.
  6. Gross
  7. lmao :O
  8. It would be funny if that was quick drying cement... :feminist:
  9. He is one crazy dude! I can't watch half the stuff that he does.
  10. He has to be insane. He´s done some seriously weird stuff.
  11. That guy is just :yucky: IMO.
  12. :wtf: :throwup: :sick: :lecture: :dots:
  13. i'm not surprise, he's one crazy fellow.:shrugs:
  14. idiot...
  15. Ick!
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