Um, so... how do I take care of a bag?

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  1. (If we already have a thread for this... please point me in the right direction!)

    As I've said before, I generally don't baby my LVs.

    But now with my Rivets bag... I'm going to try to baby her a bit. But, I don't know what to do. Well, besides not put her on the floor and keep her in her dustbag.

    Are there any special tips/tricks?

    My main concern is that I usually don't use handhelds and I'm worried about the straps getting dirty from my hands.

    Thanks! :shame:
  2. well the patina of your bags is inevitable, just keep them in your dustbags and away from light as good as you can. :yes:
  3. ^There's only so much you can do to slow down the patina. But it will happen eventually. Unless you want to wear gloves while rocking your Rivet!
  4. Yeah, I'm not too concerned about patina...I think she'll look pretty with patina tbqh. But I'm worried about dirt. :p Do you guys wipe down your bags after you use them or anything?
  5. I usually don't wipe down my bags. Just try to becareful that your hands aren't wet/have lotion or anything. I wouldn't do it to a new bag, but I wipe my straps with LOC wipes (from quixtar/amway) if there's water spots or anything. I also used it to wipe the vachetta on the bottom of my cabas mezzo. Also just watch where you put your bag down.
  6. keep the bag of the floor, don't put it down in unknown places and you should be fine.. the rest is going to patina as normal. As for the handles dont use hand cream when you're going to carry your bags it will make the handles darken faster.
    try and carry the bag over your arm moreso then in your hand.