Um...I have just done something naughty

  1. ....Ok, so I broke my purse ban, after 4 days.

    BUT...hear my reason. Im selling an IF hobo bag. Its too heavy and chunky for me. I prefer more delicate styles. The thing is, I love its Camel colour so much.

    And, I have been on a serious hunt for a tan coloured kooba. My desert scarlett is nice but as I usually carry tons of stuff, Im not getting the use out of that I thought I would. I love the shape of the ginger, paige and marcelle, but the features of each bag dont really appeal to me.

    So......when I saw a Camel Brynne on eBay for $225, I snapped it up!:yahoo:
    OMG...Im so happy I got this! I have always liked the Brynne but they were never available for me on UK eBay. Even the one I bought I had to beg the seller to ship to the UK, as it was a USA only auction!

    I feel so happy now as I can let my IF bag go with ease as now I have a Brynne on the way! But I still feel a bit guilty as my bark lena isnt even here yet!

    But the lena can be my winter bag, the brynne for summer, the scarlett for 'nipping out':p and erm...the tano is a backup!

    OK thats it now!!! NO MORE BAGS!!!!
  2. 'No more bags'....uh huh....I have heard that one before. *s

    Congrats on your new bag!
  3. Yer' so bad...but your new bag is awesome!

    If anyone understands a lack of willpower when it comes to great deals, it's us!
  4. 4 days, LOL, is the ban on again, Halz?

    Still, it was a great deal and you sold a bag to get it, so I guess that justifies it (we would just find something other excuse if it didn't, LOL)

    Congrats on the new bag, Halzer:yahoo:, wonder what you think of that Lena when you get it, maybe you could post some close-ups so we could see the colour of the leather properly (when I think of all the bags I haven't seen IRL...)
  5. gotta understand the rules. You didn't BUY a bag. You are REPLACING a bag. You are 100% in the clear. No need for justification. I have rationalized this all out on several occasions...LOL
  6. The Byrnne looks like such a great bag! Can't wait till you get it and give a full review!
  7. Gorgeous bag, congrats Halzer, I love Lexie's reasoning there.