Ulysses Help

  1. Hi All,
    I'm looking to buy the Ulysses in the MM size for work and understand that they come in many colors. Any suggestions? I'm a H-Newbie and love color, but unsure of the offering available. Also, I am using it for work so I would like it to be cheery, but not too over the top. I was thinking raisin. Thoughts?
  2. Chartreuse is nice, not too bright, so is rouge h or vermillion. Even Blue jean, but I would try something with a little pop. They make a nice orange one, called potiron, which is a little toned down orange. It will remind you of the orange box every time you use it, and that is such a happy thing to think of!!

    Check the reference subforum, there is a thread for small leather goods and you can see some there...Also, they are available now on hermes.com, they may have some colors today, yesterday there was only black but you never know what a new day will bring with hermes.com!!!

    I have such slow access today its hard to forum jump....
    good luck, and let us know what you get!:tup:

    ETA: raisin is almost black, but pretty on the inside, you can see the purple there....I dont know what you mean by over the top...I hope my suggestions didnt fall in that category, LOL.
  3. CobaltB,
    Thanks for your reply. I know this isn't the most exciting thread, and I appreciate your help!:love:
    I guess I am a little shy about the lighter colors b/c I don't want to get them dirty too quickly. :push: I worry I will get pen on them or something else since I will be throwing it in my bag.

    I didn't realize that raisin would be soooo dark (almost black) I have never seen it IRL. I purchased a dk blue (almost greyish/smokey blue) for my DH and love that, but I don't want to copy him.

    Anyway. Thanks for your help and the other thread.