Ulysse sizes?

  1. What sizes does the Ulysse Notebook come in? Also, is there a difference between a Ulysse Agenda and Ulysse Notebook?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Oh, I want to know this, too! And can you get lined or quadrille paper?
  3. To the best of my knowledge there are three sizes. CB has the smallest. I have a medium and SoCal's new one is the largest. They only come in Togo leather but there are a multitude of colors. Notebook/Agenda..same!

    Hope that Helps!
  4. The lined paper isn't like a notebook lined.
    There is a card that has lines that you stick under a blank piece of paper.
    There are tons of choices in color combos for non-lined paper.

  5. There is a multi-tabbed lined paper insert! I have one for my vert anis ulysse :smile:
  6. Sorry to be dense, but does this mean you can different colors of paper for the Ulysse? I think this is my next purchase, so I want to know before going into the heady atmosphere of the boutique. THANKS!
  7. lvrjrt,

    They have inserts with a couple paper color combinations. Bright red, orange and white..I got white baby blue and grey. Some have greens...It all depends on the stock.
  8. Well I know there is the Mini, PM, and MM. are those the 3 sizes?

    I would love to know measurements too.
  9. Liz, the measurements are as follows:

    TPM: 4.5" x 4"
    PM: 6.25" x 5"
    MM: 9" x 7.25"

    There are a wide variety of inserts for the PM aside from the usual paper inserts in white or colored; there are also business card inserts, photo inserts, or the travel inserts which I have pictured--indexed and lined sections and paper for travel as well as two pockets for tickets, misc. papers, etc. HTH! :smile:
    CIMG2953.jpg CIMG2958.jpg
  10. Orchids...Do you know if multiple inserts are available for the MM? I asked at LV, but they only had the blank paper w/ lined paper card that TRL referred to...and a colored paper insert...
  11. SoCal--unfortunately, no multiple inserts for the MM right now; only the PM has all the multiple insert options that I'm aware of.
  12. Thanks, Orchids...I just had to purchase the MM for work...I will learn to write w/o lines... : )
  13. SoCal, did your MM insert come w/that little lined sheet that you put behind the blank pages? That helps a little, although I still prefer ruled pages as well!
  14. I'd like to put a "plug" in here for the Ulysse. I have the PM size which I keep in my purse and the MM size which I use to take notes in business meetings. I can't tell you how much I love having that beautiful leather and yummy paper in front of me when I am in a stressful meeting. I get such pleasure from it. I have the little dog bookmark on it, too. The whole thing just makes me smile!!


    The spiral area is a perfect place to store a pen.

    The dog bookmark is handy to have. And the paper is sooo nice!
  15. I did...but the lines are a bit narrow for "scrawling" during a meeting... I also see myself losing the lined sheet...LOL...

    Kallie...exactly what I was thinking...that Ulysse MM would be great for the office...