UK Gift Receipt??

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  1. Hi everyone, could you please help me if this is a legit LV UK Gift Receipt? I've seen other gift receipt pictures but they all have LV address and no 'sale order'... Thanks!
  2. Possibly an online one? This alone can't determine authenticity though, if you're unsure then get it authenticated :smile: good luck!
  3. No paper can confirm an LV item's authenticity, which is the ultimate question you as a buyer should have. (There are sellers who sell fakes with real receipts, to deceive.) It's the bag/item itself that requires authenticating.
  4. It's what you receive with an online sale (have just checked a couple of mine and they're identical whereas items purchased from store come with the store address). Have you asked the seller where it was purchased from?

    But as a previous poster said, any paperwork can be put with any item so have an expert cast their eyes over it for you.