UK Ebayers, please help me! ? about Duties!

  1. I just sold an item to a UK buyer and I was wondering what customs costs are going to be. The item sold for $360 and that is the value I will be marking on the customs forms. Could you please let me know approximately what duties will be? Thanks a ton! :smile:
  2. Hi, I think it would be around £45/$90 but Im not 100% sure, sometimes it depends because I have heard stories of customs charing what they like. i think one member on here bought a pair of shoes for £90 but customs were like £80 :wtf:
  3. I think it would normally be about 21.5%, so $77.40/£39.49. :smile:
  4. Well my item was marked $400 in value and the custom was £50.
  5. My item was $305, UK VAT is 17.5%, Import and Excise Duty 0% and handling fee £13.50, total payable was £42.97, but have also paid more when they charged Import Duty (think it's between 3% - 9%), handling fee is £8 or £13.50 dependent on what service was used.
  6. Thank you all so much for your input. I looked it up as well and it seems that your estimations are all correct. Thanks again!