UK Bottega Sale has started!!!!!

  1. For all the UK BV fans, their sale has started today with goods between 30-50% off! I checked out the Bond Street store today and they had the following on sale..

    Black stud stamped hobo in small and large size
    Ombre totes in light blue and limo
    Wallets and key purses in light green and salmon pink (corallo)
    Club stripe duffle montaigne in black with pink and green stripe down the middle
    Small black campana in grained leather
    Ebano double flap woven bag (30%) off
    Ebano Zipper bag (I have posted a pic of this below from MLBags thread)
    Corallo and Camel Venetas
    Various seasonal shoes and boots (but no woven flats or loafers)
    Noce braided handle bucket bag in deerskin with some weave at the top
    Black Braided handle bucket bag with the woven swirly design on it.
    Taupe coloured cocker with a paler small pattern on the sides of the bag.

    I snagged the black maxi stud veneta at 50% off, it was £1040 down to £520 as I promised myself I'd get one if it went in the sale!:yahoo:
  2. Camel Veneta on sale? Are you sure? Not the blonde one, right? because I thought the camel one will never be discounted...
  3. Congrats, Syma, on such a terrific deal!

    Any action pics coming up?
  4. The camel is definately on sale because it is a seasonal colour :tup:. C-24, modelling pics coming up tommorow I think, this is one HUGE baby! DH hasn't seen it yet, but I can already hear him laughing at me modelling this thing :lol:
  5. Syma, congrats! I thought this bag was too big the first couple of times I wore it but I love it now and I bet you will, too. Plus, the leather really is sumptuous!
  6. ^Thanks Mistikat, your pics with this bag were amazing! The leather is gorgeous aswell, do you find it scratches easily though???
  7. I have been wearing this bag near daily since I got it almost a month ago and have not noticed any scratching. And I wear it on the streetcar and subway (I don't own a car) so it hasn't been babied. Have also worn it out in rain and snow and truly love it. I haven't treated it with anything but probably will put some leather conditioner on it soon. It's big enough to stuff tons of things in, but it's fairly light weight and even though it is definitely large, doesn't look as big as some of my big bags. I'll be interested to see how you like wearing it!
  8. Congrats Syma and thanks for posting about the sale. :yahoo::woohoo: Can't wait to see action pics!
  9. Thanks for sharing Syma!
    Can't wait to see piccies of the beautiful new bag :nuts:
  10. Oh wow, what a terrific deal Syma! Congrats on your Maxi! I'm looking forward to seeing more great pics of this bag :tender:
  11. Thanks for sharing Syma - and congrats on your purchase! :yahoo:

    I got myself the double flap in Ebano from NAP at 40% discount so I am happy too :nuts:
  12. Thank you mistikat! I really love it and was lucky to get one as the maxi size had all but sold out in the UK! Unfortunately DH hated it:boxing:, and has been trying to convince me to take it back, but I really like it, What to do!:confused1::confused1: . He has nothing against my other BV's, but I guess he didn't really like this style, Mind you he went to BV to innocently check out some of the other bags and came back with a BV leather jacket, a pair of shoes and a belt :upsidedown:. I think we've gone BV mad :yes: I popped into Sloane Street today and came back with a gorgeous medium campana in deerskin in dark brown for (get this) only £377 :wlae:. It is currently the middle of the night here but I promise I will post pics ASAP :jammin:

    Thank you C-24, My-stilleto, Aki-Sato and bluegenie for all your kind words I promise the pics are on their way :flowers:

    Balchlfen, you are a sweetheart, I'm glad you got a good deal on NAP, I saw the beautiful bag that you are going to buy at the BV boutiques and Harrods today, but it was only 30% off, so well done you!

    If anyone else is interested they still have a leaf green woven medium campana at Sloane Street BV at 50% off and the Catena (chain) woven medium venetas in black and white at Sloane Street. The Harrods concession had a lot of ivory (pergamena?) deerskin bags in the sale including the cocker bag and bucket bags with the woven panels and braided handles. Harrods also had the dark brown double flap bags at 30% off!
  13. Geez, looks as if there`s some BV virus going on across the Channel in London, huh? ;)

    Congrats for a killer deal on a Campana and a DH with great taste!
  14. Wowzas, syma!!!! What a terrific price for the campana!!!! Good going in the bargain shopping department, and I love that your DH came home with some spur-of-the-moment buys at BV!
  15. Well done Syma!!! Makes me wanna take a flight out to London!