Uhhh shiny!

  1. How do you like it? :amuse:
  2. hmmmm....i'm not sure....but i think i think it's cute :smile:

    but is there a way to make the post boxes stick to the left instead of the right?....or maybe i'm the only only one that sees it that way....
  3. You totally freaked me out- here I am blogging away, and my screen totally changes! BUt I like it!
  4. Dude-I thought I had way too much coffee!!!LOL!
  5. ^^ Hehe, me too! Me likey! :biggrin:
  6. It's cool.
  7. I love it! :nuts:
  8. LOVE the changes~!
  9. All the white space under the ad on the left might take some getting used to. . .other than that my first impression was - SWEET :]

    This place just keeps getting better and better.
  10. Oh I am not done with it yet ;)
  11. I really like it! :o)
  12. I love it :nuts:
  13. LOVE IT LOVE IT !!!!!

    Plus it matches my top in my Avatar LOL :lol:
  14. Me too!!! At first I thought my lap top was going crazy on me!!! :nuts:
  15. switch - I think the white space is better off on the right for now.