uhhh! my item was counterfeit!

  1. HI,
    I am selling 2 D&B bags and a Kate Spade, I listed them all last night. It took me FOREVER because I NEVER sold on ebay. This morning I check my email and Ebay removed it for "copyright infringment"!
    I bought this bag about a month ago from the Kate Spade website- is Kate selling fakes?! I'm kidding.
    I emailed ebay and told them that they should be taking care of the MILLION PLUS LV knockoffs I see. And asking them what do I have to provide for them to believe me that it is not a fake. Have not heard back but would I be able to relist the item but maybe use different wording? HOw do they determine if a item is fake?
    Thank you!
  2. It's been my experience that if the auction description does not include the actual word "authentic" if will be removed.
  3. eBay can sometimes be quick to remove an auction if:

    1.) You do not have enough of a description of the item and if you do not state it's authenticity.

    2.) If your pictures are not clear and taken from various angles.

    This does not mean that your item is not-authentic.

    Make sure you also say something like, "I purchased this AUTHENTIC Kate Spade Bag from XXXX store in XXXX city. I guarantee authenticity."
  4. Hi Monica.

    Copyright infringement implicates things other than the bag's authenticity. Authenticity is more of a trademark infringement matter. Did you cut and paste your text or descriptions in your listing from another place to save time? Or did you use photos from some place else? Let me know, or describe in detail what ebay said besides "copyright infringement" so we can figure out what they were objecting to.
  5. It was removed for trademark misuse.
    I listed it as " Kate Spade Grand Street Penelope Black Bag"
  6. That is weird that they have classed that as trademark misuse, because obviously you have to be able to describe what you are selling!
    Are you sure you did not use maybe a campaign piccie of the bag, or a pic of a celeb carrying it that perhaps was copywrited.

    It seems very harsh to take your listing off for the description :sad:, unless Kate Spade has got tough with ebay and threatened them with legal action if their bags appear on the site?

    v strange indeed
  7. That's crazy. Ebay makes no sense most of the time... they pick on the people who actually have authentic stuff to sell and let the 20 dollar fakes slip by and they sell for like $500+