Uh Oh! Today Is Trunk Show!


formerly Purse-onality
Nov 10, 2006
Hi ladies! Chanel trunk show today (start praying for me lol) at Saks Boca Raton, all day (yikes, usually they're just for a few hours) 10-5 eastern time. I shall take mental notes (& maybe write some stuff down too) ......too bad they won't let camera phones in there :shame: but, I have a good memory and will be able to come back here and describe stuff lol
will report back tonight
(show's on tomorrow too, if anybody wants to fly over ;)

a good day for the unpurse-obsessed: happy that the sun is shining, healthy, family and friends and significant other good, job good, etc. pets good

us: all those things AND a day with a girlfriend, lunch, and a CHANEL TRUNK SHOW




Jun 27, 2006
thats so awesome i have never been to a chanel trunk show before but lucky for me I am flying to boca tommorow to visit the grandparents and will make my way to saks tommorow for it!!!!!!!! can't wait to hear your review!!!!!!!


Mar 1, 2006
My Saks s/a in Boca (Melissa) emailed this morning about the trunk show but alas, I live in MA. If you recall anything about the new Cotton Club collection (the bags that look like the Cambon line) please report! I'm eyeing that tote in blue but right now, the price point is too rich for my bank account.


Nov 11, 2006
I went to the trunk show today with "Purse-onality". Everyone was very helpful. There were some great items, and lots of color. They are showing off-white, deep kelly green, yellow (not lemon), a peacock-like navy, and tomato red. A lot of the bags are perforated. They have a wonderful small bag that comes in gold patent, white patent, and black patent, where the handle can be removed and the bag can be used as a clutch. It also has an separate insert with a drawstring to hold your stuff (glasses, keys, credit card/money). I ordered it in the gold.

Jun 4, 2006
ah, sounds exciting!!! I'm so curious about all the colors since i saw those pics of 07 spring bags on the other thread and those bags aren't really that good. so i wonder if they have nicer bags shown at the trunk show!!