Uh-oh.... problem with "Ebay" transaction

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  1. I put a pair of Tiffany & Co. pearl earrings on Ebay but they didn't sell. A woman emailed me after the auction and offered to buy them. She paid through Paypal and gave me the address of a military base.

    Because it's a military base, I couldn't get a tracking number. I did insure it, but even the insurance number doesn't reveal anything about its whereabouts except that it was accepted at my post office.

    I sent it first-class and two weeks later, it's still not there. She emailed me somewhat irrate about the matter...

    And to be honest, I've done a lot of sending back and forth and the US Postal Service has never, ever lost a package of mine. My parents say that in their lifetime they've never had mail lost.

    I'm kind of afraid she's just taking advantage of the fact that she's on a military base and therefore I can't track the package...

    Is the insurance process a pain the ass to go through for US Mail? I also didn't insure it for the full amount, but that's my own fault I guess. :sad2:

    I guess I have no choice but to take her word for it. I can't help but have a fishy feeling.
  2. Are you talking about USPS? MAN I don't trust them with packages! They made me lose atleast two things already. When I ordered some stuff online and it never came until 3 weeks later. I also sent couple of things and it never arrived. Those were just some cds so it wasn't a big deal. She could also be lying to you. I mean you bought insurance so they'll probably do an investigation and give you your money back. If it arrived then she's lying. I would choose UPS/FED EX next time!
  3. Yeah, I don't want to just assume she's lying, I'm not like an evil-spirited person! I guess just the way the whole transaction went about, I felt like she's done this before... saying the package didn't show up and demanding a refund.
  4. it's partly her fault, did u explain to her you couldn't get a tracking number because she was at a military base? send her the info you havr for insurance and let her claim it.
  5. If you file a claim, it's amazing how quickly they can resolve where the package went. Unfortunately, I don't think 2 weeks is sufficient time to do so.

    The post office had lost 2 packages of mine and based on the insurance information, they were able to track it all the way to Mexico and get it back (which was absolutely amazing to me!) Talk to the manager of the USPS.

    Insured mail is insured mail, even if it goes to the military base. Military postal clerks undergo the similar training and held as liable. I find it a little weird that you can't track the package, what base did it go to? I work on a military base and we have post offices with the normal postal clerks. Something definitely does sound fishy.
  6. I'm not sure which base: APO AE 09114?
  7. Ok... that unit is german based based on the information I see. Military mail will take atleast two weeks for it to be processed to get there. Tell her to standby.

    If she doesn't get it in 4 weeks, then she has reason to complain. Oddly, it's a criminal investigations command from what I see. The other thing is that most of the mail resources are geared towards morale for forward deployed troops.

    Frankly, I would tell her to pack sand for the time being, she's being nothing but a pain and should know better.
  8. Wow, BalanciagaLove, you're on the money! She said she is in Germany. Ironically she said, "This isn't the first time I've had a package sent to me so I would know." Thanks so much, I'll just tell her to wait some more. You're awesome, thank you.
  9. nice work. i'm telling you, this forum is genius.
  10. Ok.. I know I'm double-posting now... but based on everything else I see, I am 95% sure that it's in Germany and 100% sure that it is in Europe.

    2 weeks is just about the time to get mail over there and fully processed. Like I said above: 4 weeks, then she really has room to complain. Military mail is a lot slower, they also search people's packages a lot more because of security issues. (I probably don't need to go into this much detail, but you have me all worked!!!)

    If she's wanting a refund this early, she's trying to play you. She should really know how long things take.
  11. SERIOUSLY! What would I do without you all! :love: :love: :love:
  12. I would probably be a lot richer because I wouldn't buy so many purses! But then again, you ladies do stop me from buying hideous purses too! It's like the voice of reason and insanity all at once! :biggrin:
  13. I totally agree, I send everything UPS - You have peace of mind even if it's more expensive. IME the USPS leaves MUCH to be desired.
  14. I actual buy on the German e-Bay frequently. Germany is THE WORST for shipping times. Everything takes weeks longer coming from or going to Germany!
  15. I'm on a military base too..but on the other side of the world .. you said you sent it first class..so that can really take up to 8 weeks to arrive..Usually if I have people send me things , I request priority mail..because that will usually come within 2 weeks! Maybe she hasn't been there long enogh to understand how mail works overseas...let me tell you parcel post can take up to 4 months..and that's the estimate they give..:evil: