uh-oh, look what I just bought

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  1. I wanted this and then decided I was too big for it, then regretted it. It was on eBay with a BIN of the retail price WITH F/S! I hope my stuff fits in it! LOL
  2. I love it! The punch demi is a perfect summer bag!

    I think you'll be surprised at how much fits inside the demi. Have fun!
  3. LOVE that bag. i think it holds more than it looks. razorbackbelle has one and posted some photos of all the stuff that fits in it.

    Did you get a good deal? (nosy me wants to know..lol)
  4. AHH! I was looking at that bag too but didn't bid. Lucky you! I'm glad you got it! Let me know how you like it because there may still be one in my future.
  5. well, it was the actual retail price with f/s - so I guess I saved on tax. But compared to the inflated prices of all the others I feel like I got a good deal!
  6. Cute!! I put a watch on a couple of those the other day! I'm glad you got it though :yes: Veeerrrry cute!
  7. I love this bag but feel the same way...that I'm too big for it and that it won't hold a lot. Then I saw razorbackbelle's post and she fit a ton of junx in there, so, you shouldn't have a problem! :smile: Take pics when it comes!!
  8. i think that's the one I put into the eBay deals thread, so glad someone from here got it! It's adorable.
  9. Very cute!! I saw that one listed.....
  10. Pretty Pretty!!
  11. Just love this!!! Congrats! And after seeing Sarah's post I am amazed at how much it'll hold!
  12. Yay! You will love this bag-- as everyone mentioned it holds a ton, heehee! If you need me to repost the pic of how much it'll hold I will. Great buy! Congrats! POST PICS WHEN YOU GET IT!
  13. It's SUCH a great bag! It holds more then you think, it's so lightweight and CUTE as a button! I just wanna pinch it!
  14. yeah, can you repost your pics here?
  15. Here ya go! I'm about 5'8'' and 135 lbs just so you know.
    demifull.jpg demipacked.jpg demibed.jpg demimodel1.jpg demimodel2.jpg