Uh Oh - I think I want a Hermes!

  1. After looking at all your stunning bags, I am convinced I need an Evelyne ( possibly the PM size.) :nuts:
    Does anyone know what the current colours are and do I also have to choose the leather type as I noticed hermes bags have various leathers?
    Sorry for all the ignorant questions:shame:, the Hermes store is a looooong way from me.
    Thanks Ladies!
  2. I'd love to help you, but we have the same problem :push:. Both Hermes stores closest to me are an hour flight away. But I'm sure all of the lucky Hermes owners here will be able to point you in the right direction!! Good luck!
  3. The most common leather for Evelynes is Clemence.

    You should be able to find them in Rouge H, Chartruese, Gold, Etoupe, Orange, Black, White, Blue Jean, Ebene and other colors depending on old stock in the store.

    What color were you looking for?
  4. I would like a dark chocolate/brown colour or maybe black. I am sure colour choice will be much more limited here as we are soooo slow to get anything.:sad:
  5. I saw some evelyne in pm/pm2 in clemence and epsom leather and toile/leather combination. Price ranges are AUD2500+ for pm and AUD3000+ up for pm2 (outside pocket ) for epsom/clemence leather. There are many colors.
  6. Evelynes are great! I recommend Clemence for this bag because the soft leather makes the bag mold to your body. And colors are so pretty in Clemence!

  7. That is one of the pics that started my obsession!:drool:
    Thanks everyone for your helpful replies.:p
  8. They also come in epsom, which is an embossed leather.
  9. :yes: This is exactly what my SA told me.... over Togo......