Uh, my VS bra straps just tore after only 2 weeks!

  1. Should I/could I return it? I don't have the receipt anymore, but I haven't even washed it yet. I've worn in 4 times! I have no idea what their return policy is. Anyone else have defects with their Victoria's Secret bras?
  2. You should return it. :yes:

    If the law over there is like the law over here (which it generally is), if it's faulty, I believe they have to replace it, even if you don't still have the receipt.
  3. Take it back. They'll replace it. I had a bra break 6 mo. after I bought it and I got a new one.
  4. I always have problems with Victoria's Secret. Their bras wear really badly. Mine are usually ready for the trash can in about 3 months, or so. They're too expensive to be disposable! Also, my underwire keeps poking out and stabbing me in the ribs.
    I hate VS.

    Definitely return yours, I think they'll give you a replacement (as if you want more crappy bras. lol)
  5. I'll say it again:
    VS bras= overated:tdown:
  6. I hate to say it, but I agree--I used to buy VS when I first 'discovered' pretty underwear in college, and the bras never held up. The panties were better, but I've gotten more wear from my JCPenney and Mervyns underwear than VS!

    For bras, I've found that Wonderbra makes very supportive and long-lasting bras, as well as Bali, DKNY, Lily of France, and even Betsey Johnson!
  7. I have the same problem with VS so I never buy them anymore.

    I would take it back for an exchange. I haven't done it at VS but I had a similar problem at Banana Republic and I was planning on keeping it so I threw away the receipt. They let me exchange it with no problems.
  8. Yep, take it back and get it replaced.

    ***Sigh***...their bras are cute but I have much better luck with Chantelle bras. Worth every penny.
  9. VS quality in general is pretty bad...it's all about the PR. they do have cute designs and a nice store to house their merchandise, but if i were to make my money worthwhile, i'd go some place else. their prices are too much, at least if i go to gap, i expect gap prices, not on natori prices.
  10. I have never had any problems with VS bras and I have been buying them for a while. I think if you take that bra back and tell them, they will probably replace the bra.
  11. VS puts way too much money into their ad's and not enough into their quality! That's why i'll stick to my Fredrick's Body X bras! Best bras EVER!
  12. I noticed that too!
    The hooks on mine are pulling out of the fabric! And I only got it a couple of months ago. :cursing:
    I have a $12 bra from Wal Mart that's wearing better than my $50 one from VS!
  13. my underwire ALWAYS comes out of the fabric.. always always.. i hate it.. ive gone off VS bras now