Ugly little hair clips on handbag straps? WHY?

  1. This was so common like years ago, but even now I still see this, and on HQ bags, too. Like Coach and I even saw one on an LV! It makes no sense! Why would you want to clip a little plastic hair clip to the strap of your bag? It looks so bad. Not to mention anyone I ever knew personally who did this was never once seen USING the hair clip. And even so, whyyy on the bag strap? If you really can't live without an ugly little plastic hair clip then why not put it INSIDE the bag??

    Am I the only one who finds that to be repulsive? I can't stand it, what a pet peeve.
  2. ^^^^Yes, not a fan of this. One of my cousin's does this with her Chanel bags....:confused1:
  3. I've never seen anyone do that. Sounds tacky though.
  4. completely tacky but the do clipies break in the bottom of your bag, so if ur fashion unconscious than i guess it works? :confused1:
  5.'s not that serious...maybe they took the clip out of their hair and just put it there because they felt like it...if you don't like it don' look IMO
  6. No, people leave it on there. Don't look, agh, you've gotta be kidding.
  7. LOL! It bugs me too. I see it all the time!!!
  8. HA! I have to admit that I do this. I don't leave it on the bag permanently or anything, but if I'm running out the door and I think I'll use one later, or if I had one in my hair and just took it out, I'll clip it to a strap on my bag. I can't put it inside because it'll get crushed. They're small, though, so I never thought others would notice, nor have I ever noticed them on other women's bags! I try to clip them to my chameleon insert, now, but if I'm in a hurry I'll still stick one on a strap.

    Do I have to get my tPF membership revoked now?
  9. I do that too, mockingly. If I don't have time to do my hair, I'll stick a butterfly clip on my bag -- or clip some bobbypins onto the hem of my shirt, and then I do my hair on the bus.
  10. I don't think people are trying to make a fashion statement with this one, it's just done out of necessity. I'll clip one on my jeans loop or backpack or wherever just to keep from losing it. And I'm sure that just because you didn't see them using it doesn't mean they weren't, maybe they just used it to put their hair up while they drove (I hate when my hair gets into a fight with my seatbelt.)
  11. I clip mine on my pants pocket or my rearview if I'm driving just to keep from dropping it and running over someone trying to reach for it, LOL. I'm just kidding. But I do clip them on my jeans...don't know that I could clip it on a chanel though
  12. I always cringe when I see hairclips on bags too, it looks trailer park.
  13. I'm not a fan of this, either.
  14. OMG!!! I do this ALL THE TIME!!!:shame::lol: I guess it's to have an easy access to the hair clip. That's the only reason I can think about.:nuts:
  15. Years ago, I left a hairclip in my briefcase and omg, it almost punctured the heck out of my beautiful Coach organizer. I was heartbroken b/c it was a gift from my late brother. There's a permanent dent in the leather, a pockmark on an otherwise beautiful patina.

    I learned my lesson, tho a little pouch for hair things would be ideal. Sometimes I'm out the door and don't bother bringing all my pouches with me. I don't really like to put barrettes in my makeup since compacts gets scratched etc.

    I hate being caught without a hairclip when it's windy or humid, it drives me crazy when the hair starts to be a bother. I let my hair down again when it's fine so I clip it to the handle or strap out of necessity...