Ugliest bag I have ever seen

  1. Oh my! Is that authentic? If so what in the world???
  2. You're right, that is a horrible bag. I have to wonder who would think this was an actual Hermes bag.
  3. 110% authentic my foot!
  4. What the ????
  5. Ew...
  6. I can't believe the BIN price! LOL
  7. :sick:

    Need i say more?...
  8. This one isn't even TRYING to look authentic.:sick: :sick: :sick:
  9. word
  10. I just might be sick:sick::yucky:
  11. :sick:
  12. I can't believe it EITHER! lmao Rather scary. Someone is about to get taken.
  13. OMG!!!! :lol: That is the ugliest fake I've ever seen! and what's with the under the sea theme. LOL!
  14. :yucky: