Ugh . . . . add's I Got It From My Mama . . .

  1. to the most annoying song list.

    (Vlad, I believe Kelis's Bossy is on there, too?)

    I cannot stand that song.

    Sure, he's admiring the women's bodies, but is it necessary to mention the women's mamas?
  2. I AGREE. I think it's the most irritating, non-original, song out there!

    I must admit that Bossy from Kelis kind of grew on me. It doesn't annoy me and I definitely don't put it on my iPod, but when it's on I can tolerate it! :biggrin:
  3. Bossy is not my favorite, but I don't cringe whenever it comes on like I do Mama.
  4. I had never heard that song before. I just watched the youtube video. I got about 30 seconds in and turned it off. Is there "The most annoying song" thread? I can add a few.

    My most annoying songs include "Lipgloss" by Lil Mama, "Chicken Noodle Soup...with a soda on the side" by Riot Squad, and the top song of the moment for annoying factor "Aye Bay Bay" by Hurricane. I mean WTF??? BTW, they do play these songs in clubs and people do dance to them!
  5. I hate I Got it From My Mama too...worse song ever to get stuck in your head.
  6. Yes! I mean, how many times can Bob James' Nautilus get sampled...the SAME SAMPLE, before you move to something else? Aside from that, I was seriously waiting for him to yell out "If she fly, 3 out of 4 dentists say, she fly just like her mama". I'm all for "fun" songs, but come on. Gimme something a little more witty to work with.
  7. I hate that hey baybay song too. ANNOYING
  8. lol.hey leave kelis alone.
    my lipgloss is poppin is overr!!!!!!
  9. Party Like a Rockstar by Shop Boyz SUCKS!
  10. I got like ten seconds into Aye Bay Bay. Then I was like, "Ew!" and turned it off.
  11. Wow its like you read my mind , those songs drive me crazy ! :cursing:
  12. I love Salt 'N Pepa's Shoop, and the song has the lyrics:

    Ummm, you're packed and you're stacked 'specially in the back
    Brother, wanna thank your mother for a butt like that

    Yes, there a little part in there about wanting to thank the object of your desire's mother but that's not the entire song.
  13. I hate My lip Gloss is Poppin!!! OMG it's one of those things every time I hear it I wanna pull my hair out!!!!!!!
  14. Uhhhh I hate all of those songs. "I'm in the club holl(er)in' ay bay bay, ay bay bay, ay bay bay, ay bay bay, ay bay bay I'm in the club holl(er)in' ay bay bay, ay bay bay, ay bay bay, ay bay bay, ay bay bay." Geez it's like we get the point.
  15. I just added this song and it's horrible :yucky: