Uggs --- Which ones should I get?



  1. Tall Chestnut

  2. Short Chestnut

  3. Tall Black

  4. Short Black

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  1. gapaholic13 was nice enough to find me a place that ships to Canada so I don't have to pay our ridiculous prices. Now I need your help picking the right ones!!

    These are the two colors I'm choosing or brown. Which would you pick?



    or SHORT?
  2. I think the chestnut is a better choice, simply because the natural shearling on the inside won't leave your feet or socks, should you choose to wear them, colored black. I also like the slight contrast of the lighter shearling against the chestnut color if you choose to roll them down at all.

    As for tall or short, it depends on the length of your legs and how you intend to wear them. If you have long legs, then you can go with the talls. For someone with short legs (like me!) the talls make my legs look even shorter. The talls are warmer, of course, but many people find the shorts easier to wear under pants. So it all depends on you and how you will wear them most often.
  3. I went for short black ones because 99.9% of my shoes are black. As HauteMama mentioned, they do bleed black on your feet/lower legs (how beautiful!) for a couple weeks. As long as you keep your boots on no one will notice :smile:
  4. I voted for tall black. I like the tall ones, because they're warmer and they look better over jeans IMO. I voted for black, because they look less UGG-like than the chestnut color and not as many people have them...
  5. my vote goes to tall chestnut, i have a pair and i love comfty and warm!
  6. i vote for tall chestnut. or, if i may, i would suggest the ones i personally just got- tall chocolate. they're a deep warm brown and sort of in between the ones you posted. i have the chestnt though and love them.
  7. i just sold my tall uggs on eBay because i want to get short ones instead. the tall ones are great because they keep you warm, but if you ever want to wear your jeans OVER the uggs, rather than tucked in, it's a bit more difficult.

    also, i voted for chestnut because i love the color! it adds warmth to those dreary winter days with all those dark, dull colors like black, gray, dark brown, etc.
  8. Hi azia

    I have black and sand tall. I think the tall are the best length!

    Sand are too easily dirtied and black can look a bit plain! I seen chesnut on another girl and they looked the best! Striking against denim and black! I wish i had got the chesnut now!:s
  9. I think either the tall black or the tall chestnut. The sand will get dirty soooooo fast. I have a pair of slip-on Uggs in a similar shade (light taupe) and after wearing them twice and being very careful, they still got scuffed up.
  10. I've had the short sand gosh probably for 5+ years now. and I love them. I dont have any problems with them getting dirty, but I also dont wear them alot.. I just recently bought uggs upside down boot and i love them. They are a tall boot. I would go with a darker color if you worried about dirt,and the short style IMO. The only problem with the tall boots, is my feet and legs get extremly hot.
  11. I have had purple classic shorts, tall chesnuts, and I just bought classic shorts sand like a week ago for this winter! Out of your choices, id def. go with chestnut, the black is...blah for me and it stains your feet/socks!
  12. I voted for tall chestnut.
  13. Wow! Purple!!! Very cool! We don't have them least I've never seen them, but OMG!
  14. If you canot get all 3, then got for tall black. It goes well with jackets and jeans. I got a pair of tall black ones and they wear very well. I also have a pair in tall pink ( with matching bag, of cause :smile: and lace up tall chocolate.

    Tell us which ones you end up getting.
  15. what is the website your ordering from?? i'm looking to get uggs too that ships to canada