UGGS child size vs. womens' size question

  1. Good because thats what I eneded up ordering. lol. Thats what I thought so when they came up in chocolate on Zappo's I jumped on them. Thanks!!
  2. Oh so it isn't just me that feel that kids sizing is bigger :sad:

    I ordered my mini boots in a 6Y and my adult uggs are in a 6 also. The kids shoes feel bigger than my adult one.
  3. I found this a bit confusing too.

    If I'm a 5 in Classic Tall, am I a 3 in youth uggs??? I'm looking at getting the youth hayden's. I'm regularly a woman's size 6.5.
  4. I don't know if anyone is still checking this thread so thought I would see. I wear a size 5 uggs in classic. I'm thinking of getting the youth ones to save money (the Hayden's) so if I'm understanding the above posts, I order a size 4 youth? I'm normally a 6.5 (sometimes a 7) size in regular shoes but I'm not sure if that's helping or complicating things????
  5. my mother is a true to size 6 in womens shoes, what size childrens should I order? I'd love to find her a pair!
  6. I don't know if this is going to help, but I'm a woman's size 5 - the 5 in their adult sizes was too big, so I ended up getting a size 3 in kid's and they fit perfectly.

    If you're a size 5 in adult sizes, then a size 4 would probably fit you best (for a reg. women's size 6).
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    ^From what I've read, I think a size 4 youth would fit you very snuggly since you're a 6.5 / 7.
    But they do stretch out as the sheepskin flatten out.
  8. Okay, so if I wear a size 6 in womens Uggs order a size 4 in kids uggs!!! Right?? Well,I am just 'thinking' about doing this. Right now I can't even find the kids anywhere...
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    im going to buy Classic cardy convertible sweater boot in black, womens size usa. i wear a size 7.5. what size would you suggest? these are my first pair so im inexperienced in ugg sizing .

    Sweater perfect, with three ways to wear it. Imported cotton/wool/shearling.

    i can normaly wear a size 7.5 -8. 8 can run big, but 7.0 is too small on me. any help is appreciated
  10. It's possible that the sizes vary slightly depending on the batch of shoes from manufacturer. Here's what I noticed when I tried them on today (first time), I'm most often a size 6 in shoes (6.5 once in awhile) and I fit into a women's size 6. When I tried the youth sizes, the youth size 6 is slightly larger than women's 6 and the youth size 5 is slightly smaller than women's size 6. In other words, youth 5 < womens 6 < youth 6. Hope this helps someone!
  11. My normal size is 8. I wear size 7 in women's UGG and 6 in kids UGG (2 down from my NORMAL size) Here's 2 pics to make it clear (black ones are kids 6, clay - women's 7) :smile:
  12. No, 2 down from your normal size. For example: I am a size 6 in other shoes a size 5 in Women's Uggs and a 4 in youth Uggs:smile:

    But, I have to say, when I tried the youth Uggs, I thought they looked too short (as in the shaft height) so I still buy Women's Uggs.
  13. I also wear a 6.5 or 7 in most shoes, and I have the youth classic short Uggs in a size 5. I wear them without socks and they fit fine for me! I've also tried on the Haydens in a size 5 and thought they fit well. The Haydens are stiffer and more structured than the classics, so I don't know if they would stretch as much.
  14. I'm a size 8.5 in regular shoes, 8 in womens, and a 6 kids. The only downside is the shaft of the boot is shorter which is fine for the short version, but with the tall it looks a bit off.
  15. hmm i actually tried on some uggs today. i was torn today between the tall and the short for women's sizes ...i thought both looked okay on me, but tried smooshing down the tall ones by an inch or so, to get an idea of buying a pair of kids' uggs for cheaper than the women's.

    still not sure what to do! lho, the classic talls for kids look sorta weird? (i haven't yet seen or tried on the big kids' uggs yet). though in ryna's post, with both boots looking flat, the kids' boots in black looks wider/bigger circumference than the women's in clay? easier to stuff my jeans into, maybe?

    i measured the ones i tried on, the women's talls, and they were true to Zappos: 11.5" (not including the sole, measured from middle/arch area)....are the kids' ones really 11.0" or seem more than a 1/2" shorter?