UGGS child size vs. womens' size question

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  1. Hey everyone,
    I am considering getting UGGS for my sister as a christmas present. I found out that the kids sizes are usually $20-$30 cheaper than the womens' sizes. She wears 6.5 in normal womens' shoes and wears the size 5 in womens' UGGS so what size would that make her in kids' UGGS?

    Does anyone know if the kid ones are a lot different from the womens? i'm thinking the tall height wouldn't be as tall as the womens' tall height? or maybe that wouldn't matter to a shorter person, as she's only 5'3'' and might actually be better? are the kids ones cut any different from womens' size uggs? i think i might have recalled someone saying that they were tighter at some places? any help is appreciated! thanks!
  2. I don't know about the size conversion, but my cousin wears the child size and they are exactly the same. They won't be shorter in your sister's size because they are literally the same as the adults but sold as child's instead (and cheaper!).
  3. I fit a size 5 in women Uggs and I'm a 3 in kids Uggs. I hope this helps :smile:
  4. I did a search on this topic and haven't really gotten an answer for what I was looking for. I've read around that some women's sizes will fit into the big kids uggs. I've read that a women's 6 should purchase 4 in kids. I wear a size 8 in normal shoes, but in womens uggs I wear a size 6. So would that mean I'd still get a 6 in youth? If anyone can clarify that up for me I'd really appreciate it. I'd love to be able to order youth sizes and save. TIA!
  5. I wear a Sand color size 5 in women's and I have a Baby Blue size 5 in youth's. HTH. BTW, I'm 6.5 in Tennis Shoes.
  6. wantmore I also currently have a size 5 in women's (in tall brown uggs) and a size 6 in short sand uggs, the size 5 in youth's fit you perfectly? I normally wear a size 5-6 in all my shoes. What is HTH? Thanks!
  7. ^^Yup. They both fit the same. Mine are Short Classic Sand (Women's 5) and Tall Classic Blue (Big Kid 5).

    HTH = Hope That Helps :smile:
  8. Thank you!!! hehe it definitely does help! :tup:
  9. I've heard that a kids ugg 6 is like a womens ugg 7.5
    Idk if that helps.
  10. That's so weird. Your regular shoe size is 6.5, mine is 8. I wear women's size 6 uggs, but you wear 5. The math doesn't really do it for me, lol. I guess the size 6 will probably fit, if snugged it's fine because they do stretch out a little after wear. I'll try my luck and hopefully it all works out. I know the biggest size for youths are 6. Thanks for your help ladies.
  11. That does help! I'm an 8 so I guess they'll be a tight fit, but the women's uggs in size 6 fit snugged as well.
  12. Youth size 6 is too big for me, and I'm normally a 7.5 in regular shoes. 5 would be perfect. I'd exchange mine but the site where I bought them from doesn't have any more 5's in stock. Oh, and I can fit into a size 6 in women's Uggs for a snug fit, or 7 for a slightly looser fit. Hope that helps!
  13. Check out the reviews on Zappos, under the youth uggs -- a lot of people put what size they wear in women's uggs, and what kid's size they purchased. It seems like a lot of people wear 2 sizes smaller in kid's than they do women's. HTH!
  14. do the kid's uggs look exactly the same on an adult?

    it seems the proportions would be off.
  15. in general i think what ever size you are in womens you go 2 sizes down for kids size