UGG insoles in Frye Harness Boots?

  1. I am on my third or fourth pair of Harness boots due to the fact that I can never seem to get the right fit. But this time I figured it out! Since the 8.5 seems okay and the 9 seems okay but the toes kill me in both, I decided to order a men's 7 (the new chocolate antique leather!!!). The men's sizes are wider in the toe. I figured to take up the slack or "bigness" of a men's shoe/boot, I would order the UGG insole in a 7 and voila! Well...the insoles arrived today, and I popped them into the boots (which fit remarkably well on their own, but are cold on my feet) and now they are too snug in the toe box. So my question is, do I wear the boots without any insoles and deal with the coldness (and sore feet after walking on hard surfaces for a while), or should I try cutting the toes off the insoles so I have partial cushion and warmth but a big toe box. What do you guys think? Has anyone tried this?
  2. Never tried this but you had an interesting idea! However, I would recommend wearing socks with your new boots and instead of using the Uggs sheepskin insert, try a Dr. Scholl's insert or a thinner insert inside the boots.

    I have a pair of Frye women's boots (Campus) - they are short style, but I always wear really long socks with them. Otherwise, the top of the boot digs into my leg and leaves a dent if I don't wear the boots with long socks!
  3. I was wearing knee-high tights with them, and that worked really well, but my feet were cold and the soles are hard while you break them in. Does Dr. Scholl's make a fuzzy warm insert?
  4. I would try a thinner insole- even if it's not as fuzzy, at least it won't hurt your feet. Cutting off the toe portion of the insole will feel funny against your feet since you'll feel the edge as you walk.
  5. The heels on the mens boots are different than on the women's. My husband and I both have harness boots, and on the rare occasion when we wear them at the same time I like to ask him if he wishes his boots had heels as cute as mine. Then he gives me a dirty look. I'm glad the wider version fits better for you.

    I saw in a fashion magazine recently a pair of Frye harness boots lined with fleece. They were so cute. I surfed online for hours searching for them and came up with nothing.:crybaby:
  6. I think the heel on the men's is about a half inch lower than on the women's, which is fine with me because that means less pain. I am wearing them again tonight without the liner and wore them to walk the problem. Still in the "breaking in" phase, so I am wearing them "carefully" but I would love to be able to have some with fuzzy lining for winter! If you ever see those again, please let me know. :drool:
  7. The sheepskin will flatten with wear and you will gain some toe room back or you could cut the sheepskin short on the toe part of the innersole, that way you'll have room in the toe box will still have warmish toes and wont have a cut edge of the innersole under your feet :yes:
  8. That's a good idea! The sheepskin insoles they sent me are the really soft ones, too, so I hate to just send them back. Sometimes it's hit or miss with UGGs, and these insoles are yummy. Thanks!