Typing A on the Coach site WORKS!

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  1. ~~~~~~~~yay!!!~~~~~~~~
  2. YES it's back! :yahoo: Thanks for updating us!
  3. YAY!!! Thanks for the update!
  4. Woohoo -now, I can get even less work done!!
  5. Does typing A reveal 'secret' items or just shows all the products?
  6. I know it shows all the newest ones first... I believe it used to show up & coming items?
  7. Way cool! thanks!
  8. I didn't even know about this function! thanks!!
  9. This showed me everything not just new stuff.
  10. Woohoo -now, I can get even less work done!!

  11. that was really cool! What other neat tricks are there?
  12. wow i love this function~ thanks
  13. LOL! I've been using this alot lately!:nuts: