Tylan - Is anyone's pet on this medication?

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  1. My persian cat Smitten has colitis. Hes been on metronidazola for a few years to help control his colitis. Over time we had to increase his dosage. Yesterday my vet prescribed a new medication Tylan since higher dosage of metronidazola can cause neurological side effects and it's expensive. The Tylan is a powder. He's suppose to get 1/16th of a teaspoon twice a day mixed in wet food. It's hard to measure since as far as I know there isn't a teaspoon smaller than 1/4. Next issue is he won't eat anything with the medication in it. I called them this morning to tell them he wouldn't eat it and was told to mix it in water and give it to him with a syringe. I had asked the vet about doing it this way yesterday and she said it was very bitter and he wouldn't like it. So tonight he got his dose with the syringe and kind of coughed a little. Anyway, I'm asking if anyone has a pet that is taking Tylan and how you administer it. Any suggestions on how to get this finicky persian to take this medication with food would be appreciated. I googled it but it says its easy to administer just mix with food but doesn't work for me.
  2. [​IMG]

    The look on his face says it all. This was our first try with it last night. I mixed it with his prescription food that he loves but he was not eating it last night. I put his dry food away as suggested by the vet. He ate a little of the wet food sometime in the night but didnt finish it.
  3. [​IMG]

    He's not happy. I tried it again this morning in his yogurt. He wouldnt touch it.
  4. How is your cat with taking pills? Is it possible to put the powder in a gelatin capsule and get the medication in that way? If that works you can possibly find a compounding pharmacy to make capsules with the correct dosage. When my dog needed an unusually small dosage of a steroid, my vet sent the prescription to http://www.diamondbackdrugs.com/
  5. Last night when I saw the vet she mentioned compounding if I had trouble getting him to take it. This morning I mixed it with water and gave it to him with a syringe. Same tonight but I used less water and he kind of coughed. The vet told me it was bitter and he wouldn't like it. When I called today the tech suggested the mixing it with water but I may call back and ask about compounding.
  6. He's good taking pills. I just open his mouth and pop it in. I just have to watch and make sure he doesn't spit it out.
  7. Aww poor kitty. I hope he gets well soon.
  8. Thank you. He has chronic colitis. He'll be on meds for the rest of his life. :catlick:
  9. My 10 lb. Yorkie took Tylan for irritable bowel. It came in gel capsules, I don't know if the vet hospital made them themselves. I do know it works well.
  10. This picture is cracking me up. No more medicine Mom!
  11. He is adorable! Those "no more" pics are hysterical. :P If he is going to be on this for the rest of his life you need to find something that will be easy to give every day. I agree with the other. Find a specialty pharmacy and have them make the powder into capsules. Bellis has a chronic skin condition and take one small pill every day. They get used to it and so do you.
  12. I found a set of measuring spoons online that has a 1/8 and 1/16 teaspoon. The 1/16 is the one to use when recipe calls for a pinch. So I will continue with diluting it in water and giving it to him with syringe. I was concerned about accurate measurement. Now I will have the correct size teaspoon.
    He is so good about taking meds. I give him yogurt or wet food after his dose. I think the reason he's so good about taking meds is I got him when he was 6 weeks old and he was on medication that whole summer due to allergies so he got use to taking meds at a young age.
  13. Poor Smitten! Have you tried hiding the powder in a ball of soft cheese, like cream cheese? That's the only way I can get my cat (and dog!) to take medication.
  14. His expression is so cute!

    You can buy empty capsules at the drugstore, I think. I bought some a few years ago. I used them for some pills that were difficult to swallow. If you can get these, you could fill them yourself. Then he won't taste it at all.

    My pets never would take medicine mixed with their food. If they don't eat it all then they don't get the right dose.

    I have problems getting the entire amount of flea medicine squeezed onto my cat's neck before he runs away. I don't have anyone else to hold him for me.
  15. Smitten is pretty docile most of the time. He's squirmy when it comes to applying flea meds and his fur is so full and thick it's hard to apply. Like you, I have no one to hold him either.
    Today I gave the tylan to him in chicken broth. First I tried letting him drink it himself. Nope, that wasn't happening. So I put it in the syringe and squirted in the side of his mouth. Last night when I did it with water I squirted it directly down his throat and he threw it right back up in foam. He kind of coughed and snorted so it may have gone up his nose.
    I'm going to try the cream cheese tonight. Thank you.