Two Women / Two Bags - Help with recommendations please

  1. Hi everyone

    I know you can help me with this one - as many of you know, I've just bought my first high-end bag - MJ Black in black with gold hardware. I love it but I've come to realize that it is HEAVY. And I've got two kids and I can't actually browse in stores, hang on to two kids (5 and 7) AND have a heavy bag. So this bag won't do it all.

    My hubby says use it for work and get another weekend/kid one.

    So I guess I will!


    Here's what I need to know:

    I'd like a more relaxed, LIGHT, but cool, current bag.


    What brands?
    Any particular style?
    How much should I spend? I'm thinking about half of what I spent on my Blake or less...

    Can't wait to hear - and if you have much the better!

    Bottom line - need a fab mommy bag
  2. Hi SHC, purse newbie here with a question - do you like bags that can be worn messenger-style (guess you'd need that with active kids around:biggrin: )

    How about trying some of the newer designers like Aaneta?
    Aaneta Cleopatra Large $365

    Can be worn messenger-style or as a shoulder bag.

    Or this - suggest you check out the reviews:
    Liz Claiborne Broadway Large hobo
    Michael Kors studo crossbody $281-95
  3. Thanks for responding - great point - I think a cross body, messenger style is what I'm needing. I liked these. Appreciate you post.
  4. Someone on another forum bought this, looks cool (IMHO):
    Medium Emily

    Not a messenger but this Tano can be worn over the shoulder:

    Love the look of this Francesco Biasia - tote, can also be a carryon:
  5. While waiting for more recommendations from the other ladies here, here's a new designer (OK, OK I admit I love the name of the line urban kitty :biggrin: )

    size: 17"W x 12"H x 5"D

    details: converts from 2 shoulder handles to 1 messenger-style strap, just combine any of the handle parts together for the perfect fit; striped lining; sturdy cardboard base insert; silver grommets and handle clips; fabric shoulder strap; 9 outer pockets Price: 180.00

    Love the idea of 9 pockets!
  6. I am a HUGE fan of the LV Batignolles Horizontal. I never had such a fab tote. It holds everything and is feather light even loaded with crap!
    Durable and for the size and impact value you cant beat the price!
  7. V. cool - love the name too!

    Think I'd still like some sort of relaxed leather style...a lot of people seem to point to Balenciaga...hmmm...pricey but worth it maybe? Need to check it out in person somewhere...a new mission!
  8. I have the Coach messenger bag in white and it is relaxed and hands free.
  9. Definitely check out the Balenciagas, perhaps the Courier, which can be worn as a messenger although it is big. I just bought the City and I am soooo pleased. It is very light, holds a lot, and can be used either as a shoulder bag or held by the handles. I had never spent this much on a handbag but in the past five weeks I have bought three b-bags. You will become addicted. Read the sub-forum; it is very informative and fun.
  10. I love my Balenciaga City (but it was more than my MJ Blake) - it is feather light, and I can use the shoulder strap whenever I need to, especially with my little one!