Two week notice dilemma... help!

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  1. hi! I posted a few weeks ago about calling in sick for an interview. well, it paid off because I got the effin job! :yahoo: Anyhow, here is my dilemma. I've never given a two week notice before and I feel its kinda messed up because I'm going on vacation this thursday, so I'm really only giving them 1 working week. I was going to tell them on tuesday, but felt it was better to tell them wednesday AM (payday) so I know my check is safe. My vacation was already approved last month so why do I feel so bad? Not to mention that our fiscal year ended on 10/31... so right now the dept is gearing up for two audits... (i work in the finance dept and am the one who puts all the lead schedules together). its not my problem, right??? and by the way, what do I write when I give a two week notice???
  2. U know what i think..LOL.....since we talk on the phone daily..hehehe!

    As long as u give WRITTEN NOTICE..U R OK!

    But to be on the safe side....wait till payday!
  3. Your check is protected by federal labor law, so not to worry. You letter can say:
    Please accept my resignation from my position of XXX. This letter will serve as my two weeks notice. My final workday will be XXX.

    Keep it simple.
  4. thanks ladies. should I mention anything before giving the letter or just hand it over and not say anything?
  5. I would have the letter prepared and on the day you are handing it in, tell the manager/boss you need to speak with him/her for a few minutes to make sure they have time to talk to you!
  6. I've always given a verbal notice, just gone in and talked to my boss. Guess it depends on the type of relationship you have with your boss though. But you could just go have a chat and then hand him/her a letter afterwards.