Two-tone tights?

  1. I saw these f/w tights on and I adore them!!! What are your opinions? Supposedly they have a slimming effect on your legs (always an added bonus!) They aren't available yet, but hopefully they will be soon.


  2. Those are awesome! They would go great with a simple LBD and some pearls!
  3. They're really cool. I love all the tights from 08A. They're pricey of course though. I was told $400 or something. I might get some though..
  4. they're not for me! LOL!
  5. The black and white ones are $230, the black lacey ones are $495
  6. Those tights are featured in the august issue of US Elle. They're $140, lyrca tights, "available in select chanel stores nationwide"

    hope that helps!
  7. 140 and 400 are a big difference lol..I can see how the two tone ones would have a sliming effect.
    Perhaps other brands will start doing this as well though
  8. Yeah, I can imagine there are going to be a lot of knock-offs...
  9. Cute:heart:

  10. Yeah, well I prefer the lacey ones soo. hmm. I don't think I can do $500 though lol
  11. omg thats quite pricey for tights! :wtf:
  12. ^:yes:, but it is Chanel we are talking about lol!
  13. I would love to see if the tights are really going to have slimming effect. It's hard to tell when they are worn by size 0 models who have legs like sticks.

    The lacey one though pricey are very pretty.
  14. Would it be hard to keep them straight?

    I really like them!
  15. I saw the ad in Vogue w/ Claudia Schiffer, and I thought she looked gorgeous. Would not work for my stubby legs tho :smile: