Two reveals! Who's here??

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  1. I went to LV this morning to exchange my DE cles for another print. Thankfully I called last night and reserved it as it was their last one!

    And well, I did bring along my debit card afterall ( planned on leaving it at home) as I picked up a little something. :smile:

    Anyone here?
  2. Can't wait
  3. I'm here :smile:
  4. new cles in monogram! Made in France :smile:


    And my second is.....,,
  5. lovessssssss it
  6. So adorable!
  7. Yay on mono !!! We are officially cles twins :biggrin:
  8. Small luggage tag heat stamped with my first initial. :smile:


    I put her on my Delightful but I'm not really 'feeling it' so I think I just may put her on my Speedy. :smile:
  9. Congrats!
  10. haha yeah i think the speedy is more luggage tag appropriate
  11. I chose one with a little patina so it would better match my Speedy.


    The poor dear needs a tan though! She's so pale. But as luck has it, DF just bought us a tanning bed so she will catch up super fast! :smile:
  12. Love your new babies :smile: great addition congratulations
  13. Beautiful goodies:smile: I have a complete dumb question here!:L But Iv been on these forums for a few months now and always see people Saying my Dh my Df etc Im guessing this is friend or husband or something but what does it stand for:L I could be completely wrong:L "sorry to ask this on your thread btw:L" x
  14. For those of you with luggage tags on your Speedys, do you attach to the handle or through the square brass piece connecting the handle to the bag?

    I don't like how it doesn't lay more flat. :sad:
  15. Lol DF= darling fiance. :smile: