Two New Pairs of Coach Flats!

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  1. Over the weekend I ran into a shoe sale at Boston Store and I bought a pair of Jilly black sig flats for $20 ($100 marked 80% off) and a pair of Ladie patchwork flats for $24 ($120 marked 80% off). The store also had khaki Jillys and fuscia Jillys, but I didn't like them quite as well. I bought the Jillys 1/2 size up from what I normally wear because they were more comfortable that way. I just hope the elastic doesn't stretch out too easily!


  2. Very cute! Great deals!
  3. Super cute. I always seem to miss the Dillard's or macy's coach sale days :sad:
  4. I called that store today and they said they don't have anymore!!!
  5. Wow! Great deals! :tup:
  6. Ooooh cute...I wish I knew where to find bargains like that where I live.
  7. great shoes!!! i'll keep my eyes peeled...i'll call the store to add me on a notification list
  8. Great deal and great shoes!! I'm glad you were able to find the shoes in your size. Enjoy your new shoes.
  9. Congrats, I'm SO jealous about the Jilly flats!! AMAZING deals!
  10. OMG. Two pairs of coach shoes for under $50 together. You scored an amazing deal.
  11. HauteMama,
    I think I'm officially mad at you. I seriously try to go to the dept. stores every weekend waiting for their sales or mark downs and its always too late

    :sad:. Enjoy your amazingly inexpensive shoes..:love:
  12. Wow amazing prices.
  13. Wow!!! I love your new shoes! I can't believe the deal you got on those! Congrats!
  14. those are absolutely amazing deals and great looking flats!
  15. What a fantastic deal!! I had to pay full price for my Jillys!!! The exact same ones!!!