Two new '06 goodies!

  1. This weekend I got two lovely new additions to my collection. I have been needing a second coin purse; I had a Makeup bag that I used for my camera and iPod, but it's too big to fit in my Firsts, so I sold it and replaced it with a Cornflower Coin Purse. It's shown with my 8GB iPod nano, but also fits my Shuffle in the front zip pocket or my 160GB iPod classic along with my earbuds and the small notebook and pen I carry with me. I'm keeping my camera in the inner zip pocket of my bags now.

    And the more exciting addition is my beautiful new Lilac Twiggy! I think the colour is really lovely; it's subdued and looks nice with such a wide variety of colours. I appreciate its grey-tones - it reminds me of my Bleu Glacier. :heart: I've bought so many vibrant colours recently that it's a nice change.



    Lilac Twiggy.jpg iPod holder.jpg Cornflower Coin Purse.jpg
  2. such beautiful colors, congratulations!
  3. Congrats, cheshire!! :yahoo:Love them all!! :heart: I do love the color on your twiggy - lilac is definitely one of my favorite colors!!

    How do you like your new nano? I really like that bigger screen! :tup:
  4. love the lilac twiggy! gorgeous.

    ps. that red new iPod is so cute too
  5. :drool::drool:
    I like them both!!!
    I like those colors and I think you've been lucky to find them!
    BTW..The idea of using the coin purse for your ipod is very interesting ;)
    Enjoy them!
  6. they are both gorgeous! ooooh! i do :love: to see a coin purse pic :wacko:
  7. I love both, especially love the lilac!
  8. AwwW... cute bags.. & cute new Nano! Love the colors chosen. :tup: Those coins... fit a lot more than they look~!
  9. Very nice! I love:heart: lilac and find it so versitile...
  10. love both goodies!! the lilac is in great condition....congrats on both!!
  11. [​IMG]

    :drool: GORGEOUS!!! Love them both...esp the Twiggy!
  12. congrats!! :biggrin:
  13. It's gorgeous! Congrats.
  14. COOL!!! tell me how you like your nano. I read from someone that it freezes a lot so they've already brought it back twice.

    LOVE The wallet too ;)
  15. Congrats, it is gorgeous :love: