TWO Compliments in ONE Day!

  1. I recently posted about my new (pre-loved) '05 Choco Paddy. Well, I had her out today and received not one, but two compliments! (And not from middle-aged ladies like me, but from chic, hip youngsters.) Okay, women in their early 20's. One, the delightful and trendy woman who does my hair color. She practically swooned over it this afternoon... gushing over the color and the texture of the leather. Then later in the day at the supermarket checkout, the young woman at the register commented on my bag. We got into a brief conversation about how many fake Paddys there are out there. I assured her mine was real, and she said she first learned about Chloe bags while on vacation in London last summer!:wlae: Sorry, I just had to brag!
  2. How flattering! Ironically, the most compliment I've received when carrying a bag was when I carried my Hermès Fourre Tout bag which I got at the private sale for $150.00!

    Enjoy your bag!
  3. I think it is very uplifting to get compliments. It is sort of like a PF exchange IRL. Sometimes I just wanna wave the bag right under some peoples' noses but that would not be classy - LOL!
  4. Oh, that's nice! I adore to get compliments on my otutfit or accessories, or my look! It can make your day! Life could be much better if we could say more compliments to each other.
  5. So glad your Paddy is getting some love :heart: out in the real world -- and well-deserved, what a great bag! :smile:
  6. ahh I love that you got complimented.

    I love it when it happens, and I also make a point of telling somebody that I love their bag, if I see a goodie. After all, it takes us 10 seconds to say it, and completely makes somebodys day!!
  7. Today? I received two MORE compliments on my new choco paddy, and get this... both were from women who had seen me carrying the jeans moyen bag back in Dec/. Jan. and who hadn't commented at all. The chocolate really is a winner!! Or maybe because I'm so much happier with it, I'm carrying it better? Who knows....:shrugs:
  8. It always makes my day when I get a compliment.

    beth001: so glad that the chocolate is making your day!!