Two Bowlers on hold at Nordstrom

  1. may not have seen that I was able to hold two bowlers at Nordstrom. The colors are mat black and bronze. The sales associate that did all the work to find them across Nordstrom and so I think only fair that should be allowed to sell them is Kendall. Her number is 261-4402 (801). To see if you can get the price match you will need the original bloomies info (I used the purse thread that had the first 40%) as well as the posts where bronze was matched after the fact by Nordstrom. The rest of the info is on the Nordstrom just matched bloomies thread and on bloomies 40% thread early on prior to all of the problems.

    Nordstroms matched the banana hobo as well as the bowler for me over the last several weeks but I did get them both in black. Kendall is an amazingly great SA. She's a bit new to handbags (so we need to train her along) but has worked for Nordstrom for a very long time. She used to sell me Lois Hill jew. She is just plain nice and will do everything she can to help .

    Good luck to those who want this I could do to help the horrid experiences you all were having with bloomies. maggie (formerly aereodyte).
  2. thanks for the info maggie! I'm sure someone will jump on it quick. It's too bad the Bloomies thread is gone though. Does she really need all the add'l paperwork or could she confirm with another SA from another store?
  3. Don't know, but I had to provide it. m
  4. If your Nordies had several price matched bowlers, they won't ask you for it. I am waiting for mine to be shipped to my local store. The SA stated that the price confirmation is unnecessary as she has already done several in the past week!
  5. I put my name on the list but no one called me back so I guess they gave them to someone else. Thanks for the info.
  6. Well, I ended up with a bronze by calling for Kendall and working with Emily. They honored the Bloomingdale's $698 sale price (pretty good in itself), but not the extra 40 percent.

    Note: Kendall wasn't at work this afternoon. I did ask for her.:yes:
  7. Hi, I just joined the forum this past week and am reading some of the threads. You guys are all so helpful and nice! This particular purse that you guys are talking about, is this the large quilted bowler? What colors is Nordstrom willing to price match and what do I have to do to get them to do it? So it would be $698? I want a bowler but not sure what color yet. Thanks! :yes:
  8. Rondafaye vbmenu_register("postmenu_885423", true); , i think you called Kendall before I did, cuz when I called, she only have the black bowler left for me.
    I am glad you got it. congrat!
  9. yes, it's the Large quilted bowler. I saw from posts that people are able to get price match in various color from nordies, but i have to fax the copy of my order in order to do the price match.